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It's been a while since I posted. I'm not sure where to begin. A went to camp for a week which was nice because I didn't have to feel guilty about him sitting around the house doing nothing with me running back and forth to work. Although we had a huge blow out before he went, we're both so stubborn. He's asserting his independance and I'm trying to make sure he's done everything he needs to do. We ended up late to the drop off and we both had been really upset. At one point, he charged me and put me in a headlock. That freaked me out, he's now at least taller than I am by almost 6 inches. We have to continue to work together instead of against each other. I keep hoping that once I get a single job where I only work 40 hours a week, it will get better. R had been talking to me about how I should quit my public library job, at this point, I can't justify it because I need to have something that is continous on my resume. I continue to job search and did interview at a place on Tuesday. Apparently the only interviewed one other person, I hope to know by the end of the week. It's a job I could do but it would require me to move. I spoke to A's father about this briefly and he indicated that he really can't "hold me back" and would be okay meeting half way. We have a 3 hour round trip parenting agreement but this would be a little more than 2 hours.

Also gradeschool was planning on meeting up with me, he wanted to take me to Chipotle and I wanted to make sure he got his blood test. He never showed up and hasn't called. This was last Friday night. Funny, he would talk about how he wishes that I had chosen him over A's Dad, and I'm glad I didn't. He has no ability to follow through. I've been talking with him for over 2 months trying to resolve this.

Helped J out with her business stuff today. I was off because I put in more hours at my other job but didn't have to drive all the way into town for this. I hope that it helped, she said it did. I'd call her and check in, but it's too late. I was SO glad to help her out because she helped me out on Tuesday. Imagine being 50 miles from home and getting a flat tire. I could get my tire changed but it's only a doughnut tire so I couldn't drive very long on it(just enough to get back home) I had to work so I really couldn't get it changed unless I dropped off the car and they had tires in stock...and time to change them. They closed at the same time I got off of work. I also really had to have the car because I was driving 240+ miles that night(and back the next day) for the interview. Happily, I was able to get the auto club to change the tire in time for me to leave and drive home, drop off the car, J picked me up and took me to work. She also went and paid for my tires before they closed and picked me up from work so that I could pick up my car before I left for my interview. She was my knight in shinning armour. I couldn't belive that all worked out so smoothly. She had offered to lend me her truck but I was glad I didn't need it. She had just lent it to another friend of ours who is also a single parent who's got to move from her current housing as it's condemned and her car just broke down. I just had a little bump of trouble, she's had a landslide.

Here's to good luck to all of you, I'm going to bed so I'm refreshed for another day. I've been realizing that I'm tired a lot but then again, mostly I work 12 hour days Monday through Friday(except lots of that is commute time so I get paid about 40 hrs a week). Next week will be nice because I'm "only" working 31 hours a week...with 8 hours commute).

A and I spent over $100 (very RARE) at Target today. New school clothes and supplies mostly and we even had a 10% coupon. We had a good time. We'll keep working on it.


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