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I'm a bundle of contradictions that include failed perfectionist, cynical optimist, people loving introvert and spiritual agnostic. I'm a librarian for a community college. I'm a single parent to an amazing 23 year old son. My eventual goal is to work part-time in a small progressive community while I think, write, dream, listen, give and travel.

If you really want some detail of who I am and etc, check out this background post. here. It's friends locked so I need to friend you for you to read it.

Marriage is love.

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Zestfive is a quietly alternative but passionate woman who can do anything she sets her mind to...unless of course, she changes her mind. She likes to do a large variety of different things and needs adventure, outdoors and people in her life.
Strengths: Superior planner and idea creator, can strategize to get things done....likes to find the answers to any problems, good trouble shooter.
Weaknesses: Lost the ability to spell, thanks spell check!
Special Skills: Shhh...they're secret, only a few privileged know.
Weapons: Doesn't really like to use weapons to inflict harm but can protect herself and those she loves.
Passions: Music, outdoors, books, new ideas, travel, thinking broadly and deeply, family and friends, other people's passions, learning and life.

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***IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE OR EASILY OFFENDED WITH RESPECT TO "FRIENDING", PLEASE NOTE: I have zero problem adding or dropping people at will -- or having it done to me -- so I usually do not feel any 'need' to post a whole explanatory entry about pruning my friends list. If you disappear, it should probably be fairly obvious to you why (could be a variety of reasons, but most commonly it is a lack of day-to-day interests or attitudes). And, to me, it's NO. BIG. THING. An LJ-add is not, to me, some sort of commitment to a side-by-side destiny -- it's chatting it up for a bit because we happen to occupy the same space. I've no problem with someone saying, "okay, see ya" and moving on for good after five minutes, and I've no hesitation in doing the same. If you think such things entail a whole Deeper Meaning and More Important Message (on LJ or in meatspace), you probably shouldn't be adding me in the first place because you would be reading *way* more into me than I like to contain in those areas. Bottom line: LJ is supposed to be make my life more *efficient*, not more complicated.

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