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What a weekend.

The boy was with his father so I was able to spend Wednesday night at the "city house" with P. I took the back roads to work on Thursday. It was nice driving through the quiet residential area. I also looked on line and discovered there might even be some small houses I could afford in the area....you know, just in case.

Friday...what did I do? I know I didn't have to work, I don't remember. I do know that I had to wait for P to get done with work. She had to work both jobs that day, I think.

Saturday we slept in, I mean it. We slept until after noon and then P took another nap. We were both so wiped. We finally got up and went to see Brokeback Mountain with her son. I had met R briefly at the hospital but didn't really talk with him. I got the chance to talk with him more. He's definately shy and I had to force myself not to be shy. I think it went well. We had nachos at Little Tijuannas (or however you spell that) afterwards. Quick peck on the cheek (bummer, but I can understand wanting to be respectful in front of R) at the stroke of midnight. Home late and despite our previous long sleep the night before, we slept again quite late. We had such plans of doing so much more because finally having time together, we didn't get to hardly anything. I guess we needed it.

Sunday we slept pretty much until we had to get going for a movie at my exhusband's invite (and he paid!) with my mother, sister, son, his friend, exhusband, P and I. We got there at the nick of time (just like the previous movie). This one wasn't as good, "Fun with Dick and Jane" as much as I like Tea Leoni (I think she's hot, especially for a blond) It has Jim Carrey in it and I just don't find him as funny. He goes for the easy joke and I tend to prefer clever jokes from the professionals ala Steven Wright and the like. Either way, it was nice that he invited us. We stopped off at the grocery store and the boys were dropped back home by the time we arrived back. We later watched "Big Eden" which is one of my favorite movies. Even if it's so unrealistic, I love the fantasy of it.

Today P had to go to work, we stayed up too late talking, I feel bad for her, she's got to work both jobs. Tired girl. I'm going to get A's friend off home eventually. A will eventually go sledding with his Aunt. I plan on going to pick up a top to go with the skirt I'm going to be wearing for next weekends New Years gala. I'm also going to stop off at P's work to bring her some lunch and finally get my Christmas letters addressed, stamped and mailed off. If you want one, drop me an email at zestfive@yahoodotcom

**edit-She's already done with work, guess I won't be bringing her lunch. She's home catching up on her sleep. I'm taking off to try and find some clothes at the outlet center.


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