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Friday night or Saturday we will be leaving Minnesota driving to Chicago for a few days. We're going to try to see some live jazz, go to the art museum, the original UNO pizza place and perhaps the aquarium. We're also going to check out the miracle mile probably mostly window shopping. We haven't figured out if we're staying 2 or 3 nights. Afterwards we're driving to see my sister in Indianapolis. We'll stay there until the 28th (she's preaching on that day) then drive straight home. Cross your fingers that the roads will be good on the drive home.

Suggestions of what to do in Chicago? or Indianapolis?

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sleep deprivation is getting to me. Coffee would be good right now but I only want it until I'm done with work, then I want it warn off (not going to happen so I guess it means do without ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.......) As I'll be alone tonight, I'm hoping to catch up on my sleep.

After many good intentions, I finally picked up the modem for the cable internet connection. We have the cities wireless but it's not consistent connection and about 6 weeks ago, I promised my boy that he'd have it. I'm guessing he won't let me get to sleep until I get it hooked up. I'm too tired to do it.

I'm going to bed early tonight...at least that's the plan. With the computers moving downstairs into the "family room" The living room will only become a sitting room. I feel like I should really put some chairs or a couch in there. I've got a chair in my bedroom and the rocking chair that is downstairs that can go upstairs a couple of chairs but a couch would be nice. I've also got to really vacuum both rooms. Hmmm...perhaps I can do this on Friday while I wait for A's dad to come pick him up.

Did I tell you how much I hate shopping? I did find my annual little gift to people I care about. I now have to start thinking about my annual letter and all the other shopping. ARGH...
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Don't have time to read anyone else's blogs...but having a great relaxing time with wonderful women in University Place. Happy 4th of July !! Hope you're all having relaxing time.


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