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Jan. 12th, 2009 11:26 am
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Last week I met up with [ profile] mplsindygirl for dinner at The Vegetarian.    It was really very lovely. I know sometimes I don't always like to go out before or afterwork when the weather is as it's the homebody in me, work and then go home. I had a really lovely time. The restaurant was great, not too busy but it should! The food was great and we shared our meals and desserts too! If you're in the area and like vegan/vegetarian food you should check it out!

This weekend P and I went to her cousin's house to attend a family birthday and Sunday was our couples group. That was pretty much it, P doesn't have the energy to do much of anything these days and I'm okay with that. Next weekend we have a work friend's birthday party and Sunday she's gonna get together with our friends to do craft day. She really needs to take some time off of work and catch up on her life. At our couples' group we talked about finance and etc. We had some good conversations about taking our relationship to the next level financially wise anyways. I do have some concern since I feel a little vunerable about that but changing a bene on my life insurance isn't too bad. Teh boy would still be listed there for 75% of my life insurance.

One of these weekends soon we're going to go to the Art Shanty project with my Dad's partner and likely my sister, hopefully my son. My Dad would have loved it. Anyone who is familiar with this have any tips for us? Do we have to dress like we'll be outdoors the entire time?

Today is the first day of classes for the new semester. My second semester here. The other librarian is sick today. I've take one sick day so far and he's taken like um...4-5. He believes that they are like vacation days since we don't get them. I think I'll wait until I'm no longer a probationary employee to be so liberal with that.

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The plan was to go to WI with friends. I had hoped that we would be able to get going earlier than usual. R was going with and he had an accupuncture appointment that he didn't get out of until 3:30. I also had to take my chronic sneezing cat to the vet again (they're running bloodwork now). I didn't get to P's until about 4pm, she was still sleeping and not yet packed. I did talk about going early and cuddling her, apparently she was REALLY disappointed that I didn't. She held it against me the WHOLE weekend and added to it. 

I think we both had a hard time coming back and being apart after 2 weeks together, just the two of us.

Other than that, the weekend was good to catch up with great friends. We even went out on the pontoon. J and B are thinking of buying the cabin so everyone was doing the dreaming for them.

P was mad at me all the way back and we finally had a blow out when we got home. I was heading home until she asked me to turn around. I did and then sat at the end of the block until we talked it out enough. I didn't get home until one o'clock in the morning. She then came to me after work. She's going to be tired. I know she's getting SO frusturated with being tired all the time.

I had to get up for a dental appointment and now I'm home again. Now I get to go cuddle with her like we talked about before.
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Yesterday after work I got my hair cut, voted in the primaries and changed the oil in the car. They informed me that my transmission is leaking. Yeah, you know the one, I changed replaced for $700+. This morning I called my mechanic and he said it was probably just a couple of rings that need to be replaced and I drove there to trade my car for a loaner. I'll be picking it up tonight.

Tonight the boy will not be coming home from school because he's having a retreat with his school. This means I'll be going into the cities to spend some quality ('cause it sure ain't quanity time) with P at the city house. After picking up my car, I probably won't be there till close to 7pm. She really should be in bed by 9pm to get enough sleep for her 5am wake up. I do this because despite the distance, she comes to me a lot because of the boy (I can't leave him). Thursday is one last day of work and she will be coming to me.

Friday morning, I'll probably be dropping off some pants to be hemmed. We'll leave somewhat early to head to camp on Friday but we will be geocaching along the way. I've got information on 10 of them. This should be fun.
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Seems that I'm going to be lucky to update my blog about once a week and it's going to consist of my weekend fun. I'm still adjusting to working full time but I recently peeked at what will be my paycheck ! NICE ! I'll likely be able to save $2k per paycheck (assuming that I don't go spending it on things that I could potentially do -- see this weekend's events further down).

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My officemate has this habit of making these sighing noises, grunts or something, I don't know if he realizes he's doing it. It's the kind of noise that one makes when you want them to acknowledge you so they can tell you something. I've ignored it but he continues to do it and it kinda drives me crazy, but what can you do.


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