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I don't want to go back to the real world yet. We do need to start packing for the drive home. I also need to figure out what to do about my lost wallet. It's been a reall lovely weekend as far as I'm concerned. We watched movies, painted and had the time all to each other. P did have a lot of ups and downs but I think she's starting to even out. I wish I had another weekend here...we haven't had a whole lot of time alone for a while. It was good.
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I never have enough time.

Good Lord, is this a long post or WHAT!!! Read it at your own risk !!!

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The boy had his school conferences today (and on Monday). He's mostly getting B's except for one c+ in band (lack of practice) and an incomplete in math. I'm okay with that because he will be making up his missed assignments. He will be going to school by 7am even though he normally doesn't get to school until about 7:30 or so. I think it should only take him a week or two to catch up but he's going to have to stay caught up. I told him he needs to maintain a B average so that when he's of age, he can get his drivers license. This because it's directly tied to lower car insurance.

I didn't get much sleep last night, and I'm surprised that I'm not more tired. Perhaps, I really did catch up on my sleep in Iowa. P came over and we got caught back up on each other. grin

This weekend will be a busy one, but a nice mix of working and fun stuff. Although, I know that I need to get on track with other things around the house...yeah, the yucky ones like cleaning.

Fun stuff is dancing to Roxxy Hall on Saturday, coffee on Sunday with my local area group and church. I hope I'm not too tired on Sunday but I really want to go. It will be a little weird to finally run into my ex turned friend. I'm not worried about my reaction, just hers and the uncomfortable silence that typically happens. I know she will be hurt and it will be even worse because right now I'm so happy and I know that will likely show. Should I hide my happiness because I know it will hurt her or just let her suffer through it? The feelings that I have for P, while quite new seem to be very different than I ever had with her.

Mother wrote an email today about Thanksgiving. She's planning to be in Iowa with my sis. We won't be staying at her house, but at a motel and eating out(at my sis's church). Problem for me is that A's Dad has Friday through Sunday (and I have Thanksgiving day). It's quite a pain to do all that driving for a single day (4 1/2 hrs one way). On the other hand, I call his Dad to find out what his plans are, he was playing victim when I talked to him, something about how he really doesn't have any family and etc. This is a role he often plays, I used to get SO sucked into it, now I'm just tired of it. He sets it up for himself, relationships (family and otherwise) must be nurtured. IMHO, he doesn't do that, he is so needy that he's not willing to give.

If my boy is going to be with his Dad on Friday through, I don't know that I really want to drive down to Iowa to be with my crazy mother and sister, even if I really like my Iowa sister. Is that bad of me?


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