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Yesterday I was tired.

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It was all good! Especially enjoyed the company, the geocaching, the walks, the time together, conversations, campfire and more. I'm sitting at work feeling totally not here, wishing I was some place else. You must know the feeling of wanting to share everything with someone, learn everything about them.

I stopped at home ever so briefly to leave to go to my job. R has been on my mind. I know that she's been having troubles with E. They're going to talk tonight. R is my best friend and I've really grown to enjoy and like E. E is definately more reserved and self contained, I get that, but I also totally know and understand where R is. She likes reassurance, affection and attention. The biggest issue is, are those two styles compatible?

T also wrote me an email, I had told her about P. We haven't been together in 1 1/2 years but I know that she would probably take me back if I was interested (I'm not). She's trying to figure out how this affects her and her place in my life. I don't really think it does, other than she knows that I'm still there for her as a friend and I'm seeing someone. I was really pleased that she took the risk and the straight forward path of asking directly. That's my preferred style of communication.
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Yeah, I really enjoyed the weekend and all that I did...mostly.

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