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Girlyman   will be at the Fine Line on Thursday night. I'm going to try and go. It may be the last hurrah with my friend R who is planning a move to Pittsburgh. Yes, R, R and L (Me).

We'd also go with R who is P's son. I really enjoy him. I've known him almost as long as I've known P. She introduced me to him when we went to see Brokeback Mountain (was that New Year's?) sometime around that time of year. R was born female and transitioned about 5 years ago (?) I've only known him as R. Apparently, P had some difficulty with it but I don't and she seems to be doing better with it since I don't have a problem with it. I've got a lot of trans folks in my life. A former gf is in the process, neighbor who is mtf and a few more folks that I know to lesser degrees. I guess I don't see what the big issue is for people who appear to be afraid think there is something wrong with it. I think gender and sexual orientation can be very fluid for some folks. My sexual orientation is more fluid, my gender while definately female is closer to the androgynous end versus the very femmine end(of course, for me, it also really depends on my mood, clothing and etc) GRIN

I actually really feel a kinship with the people that tend to not fit neatly in any dualistic categories. I don't fit perfectly and never have. I use to hate it when I was growing up because I felt like I didn't know who I was, too chameleon like.  I've come to realize, accept and really value the fact that I very often am intune with both sides of my personality (introvert who loves people and etc) I like the people who are on the outskirts and don't fit in, perhaps because of the sense of disregard from the masses of these folks, there is freedom to really be who they are. 

Interestingly enough, the book that my Dad last talked about before he died titled Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal where the author drove around the country in a (get ready for this) a "Short Bus" (you know the kind the little yellow school buses) talking to people who because of some sense of "otherness" lived very different (and not so different) lives. This included "Cookie" who is a transgendered lobster fisherman person  in Maine.
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So actually, I've been feeling a little weird about the whole concert tickets thing. I think that I shouldn't go at all, it's probably best. I don't want to play into what I think T is doing. I think she should keep the tickets and invite someone to go with her. So I sent her an email about that. This way, we'll probably end up going to the Halloween party that I didn't think I'd make.
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School Friday 5-9pm Sat 9-5pm Sun 9-12p

The instructor was very good and kept it entertaining. It's always so interesting to me when I start a new class. I often feel pretty intimidated by some of the things that people do but then for whatever reason as I get to know them, they aren't *so* impressive. Perhaps that's a judgment on my part because a lot of people don't participate in class. I think that's important because some of your grade is based on that. My classroom is in the new building on campus which is really nice.

Crashed at my Dad's house for Fri and Sat night since it was closer, that was SO nice and really enjoyed the time with him too.

I also had a wrap up session with my shrink. I enjoyed my time but feel rather ambivalent about the whole thing. Do I feel it really helped or did the crisis pass(or at least slow down) ?

Sunday night I had free tickets to attend a local outdoor music festival. It was nice but I realize that I do really prefer predominant queer or women space. I don't want to be too biased because I believe a lot of that is based on prejudice and I don't want people to judge me based on only one exterior trait and therefore I shouldn't judge them either. I enjoyed the time with A. I didn't get to stay too late and see it all since it was an hour home and A had school, I've got 2 11 hour days in a row.

I was looking over my schedule for the next month and I really feel a time crunch coming on. This weekend TF asked to switch weekends but I said no because I've got too much going on. I want to go see www.girlyman.com on Friday night, 2nd job on Saturday(4 hours) I've got another party invite on Sat and Sunday is church. In that weekend somewhere, I've got to do homework(2 page paper and prepare for a 5-7 minute presentation, read 6 articles and some amount of chapters) laundry and clean the house, grocery shop. I don't know if I'll be able to get it all done.


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