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 Tuesday wasn't a good day. More fever and chills despite the outside temp of 80, I was huddle up in my down comforter with my heating pad trying to warm up. Ibuprophin does wonders against this. This morning I was even able to mow the lawn. Teh boy comes home Thursday night and I'm sure he won't want to mow the lawn first thing when he gets home. It really needed it and I felt good doing it. The doc confirmed that my UTI still remains so I've got ANOTHER round of antibiotics and they're going to culture my "sample".  If I'm lucky, this current one will knock it out or I'll have to be on round 4!

Tomorrow (really it's today since it's so late) I'll be kicking around P's house until it's time to go pick up the boy. I'm excited about his return and to hear his stories.

This weekend we were going to go camping again but a wedding and a recent invite for vistors at my house requires some deep cleaning! Not so fun to spend the weekend plus week cleaning. I sure hope I feel better.
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 Today I've been meaning to be a little more productive around the house. I wish I could have done more but this afternoon I didn't feel so good. I was freezing so I put on a little more clothes, plugged in my heating pad and cuddled with the cats. I was out like a light and didn't wake up for 4 hours! I feel a little better but need to go to the doc. I have taken my last antibiotic pill tonight. I don't do well when I don't feel good. I know that I'm really spoiled by how healthy I normally am.

I did pay this month's bills and shred ded two bags worth of old bills, credit card statements and etc. I went through more of my Dad's estate stuff and I only need one more value before I can submit the inventory. I can't wait until this crap is done. I've been looking for a big box of file folders that I had but unfortunately, I can't find them. I HATE when I can't find things.

I've got to get more done. I've got a list going but it's hard for me to stay on track because it's all overwhelming. I need to assemble the grill that I bought and FINALLY got replacement parts for but it's too buggy in the evening. I wasn't feeling good enough in the morning. I also want to install the closet organizer that I bought. It's too big so I will need to cut it down to size with a hack saw. It also requires me to pay close attention to detail and right now I'm not so good at that.

Did ya notice that I tend to post and respond in spurts, at least lately. I can tell you, if I'm at home and not with P, I am reading but I guess I'm just feeling a little hibernative. I usually do that when I'm dealing with emotional stuff. I've got to get better at sharing that with P.
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Last night I had the worst migraine in a long time and what was worse, I couldn't find my tylenol or anything of the like. I went to bed hoping that it would go away in my sleep but woke a few hours later with it worse. I was going crazy because a few days prior, P and I took some when we were in the TV room but it was no where to be found. I was in agony and almost crying. I called P and she almost called our friend J to bring me something because I didn't feel safe to drive. I almost woke my son and asked him to drive me to the store(he's got his learner's permit and it would be mostly isolated roads at 2am). In the end, I found one migraine excedrin, which didn't work right away so I kept digging. I went upstairs to the "office" where there is a mess of P's stuff and I dug around until I found what appeared to be a complimentary coin purse from a golf event. There were golf tees, sunscreen packets and a single dose of aspirin. Thank god! I took that and went back to sleep.

Today I feel a little queasy and the pain is mostly gone but my brain feels bruised. I've got some aspirin here at work and I'll be stopping on the way home to pick up a two pack of tylenol, one that I will stash to make sure I always have some on hand!
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I've decided that I need to get back on the bandwagon and work on my weight. I don't want to do some drastic huge change of health thing but I found sparkpeople.com and that seemed pretty good so I thought I'd try it. If you're interested, check it out.

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I convinced the girl to go to urgent care since we decided to cancel all plans for today. Couples group and gala dance with a stay at the hotel. She has nasty sinus infection and has antibiotics and tylenol with codine in it to help her get better. She's in a pretty bad place.

I'm still not better...two weeks of ARGH!

Darn it!

Dec. 7th, 2005 08:48 pm
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I'm getting a cold. I hate getting sick, I don't want to be sick. It's my own darn fault for not taking better care of myself (read as "...not getting enough sleep"). Oh well, what can you do? I just hope that I can get over it soon so I don't have to continue to be sick. Yeah, obviously I'm not thinking very clearly 'cause I'm repeating myself and talking in circles. Anyone want to go in circles with me?


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