Sep. 21st, 2006 05:26 pm
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The boy found his camera. Turns out a friend of his decided to play a joke on him but forgot that she took the camera. We had a good time yesterday, going to the library, target and then picked up something for dinner at KFC. 

I can't believe this week is almost done. I had to do some instruction today on www.refworks.com which is a way cool tool. Only 2 people showed up and they were both faculty members. 

Tonight is the season premier of ER which I might watch.

P's sick, she was going to come over tonight but couldn't make it. She said she'd come over tomorrow no matter what, despite the fact I told her that I could come to her on Saturday if she was too sick. 

This is our last childfree weekend that was the 3 in a row, now back to every other weekend even if it's really only Saturday noon until Sunday afternoon. How lame is that? His father only takes him essentially for aprox 30 days a YEAR !!! (I had to add a few days in there for holidays)  So the plan is.....

Friday night  - watch "Life as a house"
Saturday - pick up pants at tailor, P buy new work pants, go to B's for bonfire, stay at the city house
Sunday - church, go to M & C's for "the game" but not sure how late will stay

Finally have my "warning citation" signed by local law enforcement in an envelope so I can mail it off.  I'm hoping that the rain will have stopped by the time I walk to my car.

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It was a pretty good weekend, we were going to try to go to the rodeo but the weather didn't cooperate. I think it still went on but we didn't want to sit on the bleachers in the rain. P got a migraine so she didn't come out until Saturday. She also really slept in once the migraine went away so I think it was Saturday afternoon when she got here. The boy had left with his father so we were alone, GRIN.

Speaking of the boy's father, I paid the entire dental bill for the boy and was submitting a copy of the bill to the boy's father. He was really upset because the bill showed an "estimate" of insurance coverage. He wanted a bill that shows the actual amount, because gawd forbid I actually be reimbursed for more that the amount! He owed me a whole $60.70 !!!  He even made me sign something that showed that I wouldn't handle it that way in the future. What I'm suppose to do is have the bill sent to him and pay him for my half. I'm not sure why he's got his undies in a bundle over this but whatever. He might be doing this so he show how much out of pocket expenses he has as a means of lowering child support. I don't know, it's weird.

Sunday we slept in late, it was probably good for P. We met up with my sis and the Dad and P(his partner) for a Dad's day picnic. I know how much he enjoys spending time with his daughters and seeing us interact together. Sis planned most of the picnic ('cause she's a little anal retentive like that) and I just brought some veggie's and dip and strawberries. I also had a couple of other things for him such as a CD of organ music which he likes and coconut almond dates (another thing he likes). P brought her frisbee and we all played after lunch and then took a walk. It was very pleasant and nice to be outside despite the strong wind. Dad told P that he was glad she came and I think that thrilled her. It made me pretty happy too. The lake we walked by is viewed as a fishing lake by most of the locals because it's usually pretty green  and this time it was no different. (there's another lake about 3 miles away that is spring fed that people swim at).  While we were at the fishing dock, there was a woman who rode up on her bike, locked it up by the dock where the sign says "No Swimming Allowed" and jumped it, we were all pretty grossed out by it because where she parked her bike were seriously 4 BIG dead fish all bloated or mostly bones left. Ick....

P and I were able to get to bed mostly early. I rode in with her to work so that I could take R to his appointment. He seems to have made it out okay. I enjoyed the time with him and I know that P would do the same for me if I needed it. I'm going to pick her up from work in about a hour. We're going to stop at Trader Joe's and then head home, I'm thinking an early bedtime will be good.


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