Sep. 21st, 2006 05:26 pm
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The boy found his camera. Turns out a friend of his decided to play a joke on him but forgot that she took the camera. We had a good time yesterday, going to the library, target and then picked up something for dinner at KFC. 

I can't believe this week is almost done. I had to do some instruction today on www.refworks.com which is a way cool tool. Only 2 people showed up and they were both faculty members. 

Tonight is the season premier of ER which I might watch.

P's sick, she was going to come over tonight but couldn't make it. She said she'd come over tomorrow no matter what, despite the fact I told her that I could come to her on Saturday if she was too sick. 

This is our last childfree weekend that was the 3 in a row, now back to every other weekend even if it's really only Saturday noon until Sunday afternoon. How lame is that? His father only takes him essentially for aprox 30 days a YEAR !!! (I had to add a few days in there for holidays)  So the plan is.....

Friday night  - watch "Life as a house"
Saturday - pick up pants at tailor, P buy new work pants, go to B's for bonfire, stay at the city house
Sunday - church, go to M & C's for "the game" but not sure how late will stay

Finally have my "warning citation" signed by local law enforcement in an envelope so I can mail it off.  I'm hoping that the rain will have stopped by the time I walk to my car.

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