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Aug. 9th, 2006 11:09 am
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I'm posting this to get caught up.....
behind the cut 'cause I tend to ramble.   I hung out at P's before I went to the airport. We talked had nice chinese and blizzard dinner. It was exactly what I needed. I'm sure we'll keep talking but that's where it is right now. I usually go to the airport heading east which I can find it very easily following the signs. Getting there heading west is a little less familiar and even though I followed the signs, I ended up at the charter terminal not the international airport. I finally got there and picked up sister and my son. My sister was admitedly tired and ready to be home. She tends to be a very negative person when she's not doing well, when she's doing well....she can be very funny. She shared about her trip but mentioned every little thing that she didn't like, such as eating out too much, the boy didn't pack well, didn't like our cousin's mother in law and etc. The boy did express frusturation about sitting in the back and listening to all of her complaints. I hope to talk to him more about this because I wonder if he feels rejected by her.  Dropped her off and went home, fed the cats, text's P to let her know I was home( she says she worries....I'm not used to someone worrying about me). I was in bed by midnight and had the toughest time getting out of bed for work.

To work and I had to remember to pick up some decent "thank you" cards for previous interview. The building is new to them and freshly remodeled (still had new carpet smell). The library is just to the right of the entrance with beautiful windows. They have a small print collection but the school itself has less than 400 students. I think I could easily do this job, certainly some learning curve but I could definately do it. I enjoyed meeting the systems librarian who is based there. My only concern is that I tend to be very quick during interviews and I don't know if I'm as complete as I should be. I would love to get some feedback on my interviewing but I can't stand doing "practice interviews" and what employer who did not select you is going to tell you honestly why? They said I'd find out next week sometime and they are interviewing 4-5 canidates, no internal ones (woot, that was my problem last time at one of their other campuses). I can take classes through them which I'd likely take some of the technology classes. This would boost my skills and abilities for future positions.

At work, I'm participating in the telephone interviews for adjuncts which is great because I get some perspective on other people's interviewing skills and get a peek at their resumes. I can see how I compare. I had 2 yesterday and 3 scheduled today.

Also at work, I've got a new monitor for my computer, it's HUGE and much better definition. Although, it's weird because I feel like I'm sitting right in front of a tv. Don't you remember your mother telling you not to sit right in front of the tv because you'll wreck your eyes?

So tonight I've got to get ready for the interview that I really want (except the hours will probably suck nights and weekends). My coworker is also interviewing for that today, she said she'd tell me what the hours are. I'm not sure what else she'll tell me since we're sorta each other's competition. The position is great because I could get a 2nd masters through them and my son could get tuition remission at their southern campus location if/when he goes to college.

This weekend I *think* we're going to hayward with friends. This should be fun. Among favorite regulars, a new couple with an adorable baby with a good disposition will be there. A new puppy too....

Anyways, enough for now...I've got to get back to work!

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