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I have't been posting pretty much since I finished work a little more than a week ago. P and I got sick, although she is worse than I am.  Despite the fact that she's on antibiotics for her infection from her surgery. Yes, folks, she has had complications from the surgery that won't go away, from April 10th. Now they think she might be going back to work on June 5th. I think she's ready to go back but also a little anxious because she's been gone for so long. She's got to get her sleep schedual back on track and she'll likely go back mid week and for partial days instead of full days. 

I feel like I haven't done anything since I quit working but I know I have been doing things. I got the boy's bike to the repair shop, we'll probably be picking it up today. I got the oil changed on the car and they informed me that despite my inquiry about bent rims, the poorly sealed new tire that kept going flat did require replacement. Now that I hunted down the rim at a junk yard and had it replaced, I hope I've saved the tire. I finally got my desktop computer set up downstairs, balanced the microsoft money accounts after almost 3 months. I'm going to need to keep track of everything since I'm going to have two months off. I thought about doing some temp work to bring in some income but really want to focus on my house and me.  I haven't done the walking that I hoped I would and the last few days have been horriblely hot. I'll keep trying.

The boy has 3 days left of school. I'm sure he's excited about that. He ended up not being able to go to the class adventure (local theme park) because he didn't have his homework done. This is because he has no self control over the computer. I've been a little preoccupied with a few things and haven't been able to control him myself. The computer did have a lock on it but he's figured out how to get into the computer without the key so I just took the power cord. He is also way behind in the cleaning that I've asked him to do so the computer is limited to one hour a day until he's caught up.

I have had some fun, playing paintball, going to the driving range with P (never done that before) and another BBQ with friends (although we did leave early since we're sick).

So, I'm going to try to start walking but it's going to be either very early or late to avoid the heat. I'm going to try and get the laundry caught up. I'm not even sure what's clean and what isn't. 

Today's agenda includes picking up the boy's bike, the boy returning from his Dad's, possible grilled dinner at my mother's house, laundry. P's likely leaving tomorrow for a day or two as she has another Dr. appointment.

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