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So all you lovely people out there in LJ land... I need some help. Next week Wednesday and Thursday I'm going to go up into the Porcupine mountains and stay in a yurt for 2 nights. I believe I can cook over an open fire but it's just going to be me. I don't know what I'm going to take to eat. I'm asking you for help. A little about me: I'm not the best cook nor am I completely bad at cooking either. I'll probably take a small cooler. It's just me by myself so it makes it hard. I hate to waste food. I'm not too picky about what I eat but because this is time for me, I want to enjoy what I eat. I don't want to make a big production about preparation. Do you have good suggestions on what I might bring to eat? I do like to eat three meals a day, I'm not much of a snacker. I like coffee but don't need it, might take some of those Starbucks Vias. These are the meals that I'll probably need:

Get there after lunch

Wednesday dinner
Thursday breakfast
Thursday lunch (maybe hiking during this time, portable?)
Thursday dinner
Friday breakfast

tl:dr what do you eat when you go out into the woods without your typical conveniences?

Thanks in advance!!!


Jul. 1st, 2009 01:24 am
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We've been cleaning for a couple of days. My garbage and recycling cans are overflowing and it feels good.

There is still plenty to go but we'll get there. My dream is to be able to park my truck and the camper in the garage.

We did decide we're not going camping with the girls and Saturday we'll be doing the St. Paul Gangster cave tour and Sunday we'll be doing the segway tour along the Mississippi river in Minneapolis. We've been productive and will have fun on our staycation.

My back has had a crick in it and my arm has been sore. I'm happy to say I've got a chiropractor appointment tomorrow.

Teh boy drove in the dark for the first time tonight. He's finally getting a little more relaxed with driving. He's gonna have some friends over to play D & D tomorrow. We ran to the store to buy snacks. It's a little more difficult as one of his buddies is vegan.

life is definitely feeling better for me, thanks for all your support and kind words.
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P was put on thyroid medication today. She was sad that she has to take more medication but I'm hoping she will feel better after it kicks in.

I broke down and purchased a new camera today. I've lost my other camera. The last time I saw it was in March during our Seattle trip. I could have sworn I had it when I came back but don't really know where it went. It's possible I didn't bring it back but it could have also been taken from me at work, my car or something like that.

Yesterday we went to the zoo with my sisters, mom, Dad's partner and teh boy. I was glad teh boy got out of the house but he got cranky after we stayed until it closed (6pm). He's like "I knew this would happen" which I'm not sure what that meant.

Tomorrow me and teh boy are going to the dentist.
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Quick note to say I'm back. I plan on posting more later. I had a really good vacation. Sadly P who flew with a different airline stand by got stuck in Salt Lake City. She should be home very soon. I also got back to learn that I forgot to pay my car insurance and I was almost canceled, Oops! I took care of that and pretty quick I'll be doing the rest of my bills for the month.
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Today we went to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" which was longer than I expected and because my son wanted to go....better than I anticipated. If you have three hours and are up for an epic type movie, go see it. I thought it was very good but it was also kinda sad for me, perhaps because I've been feeling sad lately.

P's still pretty sad and I'm letting her do whatever she needs to do...sleep, be angry or whatever. Also while we were here we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art which was amazing because it was FREE. Parking was free, admission was free, coat check is free (but we didn't use it) and what I loved about it was the permanent collection not only included the information about the artist and the piece but they also talked about the style of the artist and what made them notable. The worst part was when we were walking in, we passed a group of people and I didn't see the rest of the people but the profile of the man looked just like my Dad. He was wearing a hat, full beard and glasses. It was something about the line of his beard and his neck. P noticed that he also had a camera and tripod(which would be so my Dad). He was definitely a younger version of my Dad but certainly just like I knew him. I could hardly speak as I tried to explain my reaction to P.

I also emailed with a girl who knew P's son. I've been monitoring his email in case anyone that knew him sent him emails that didn't know what happened. She was a girl who met him through craigslist last summer and they emailed and talked. She even came up to visit him from Iowa.  She spoke of having similar struggles with depression, anxiety and sexual orientation/gender and thoughts of suicide. She says that he touched her life and saved her from her attempt.

We'll be driving probably about 12 hours. I hope the weather will be good.
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We made it to Indianapolis! We decided after checking out of the hotel in Chicago the weather seemed too bad to delay getting to Indianapolis. Normally I think it takes just over 3 hours but not today! We left just after 1pm and didn't get here until 6:30. We had a really long detour not one that was posted but after we sat for 30 minutes on the interstate we decided to get off and drive around. Apparently the semi trucks couldn't get up some of the steeper hills and the closed down the road for a bit. We also had to get off one exit early because they closed that exit due to a salt truck/police cruiser accident. We ended up following a driver who was going 20 mph with more than a half a dozen cars trailing behind. I didn't think the roads were that bad but maybe it's because I'm use to driving on Minnesota roads. Once we got into our room I ran to  Walmart the store that must not be named for a few essentials. Unfortunately the pool that we were expecting turns out to be outside.

My sister(the one who lives here) called to say that my mom and my other sister made it in from the airport. We'll go meet up with them tomorrow.

My son is starting to drive me C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

Cross your fingers the weather is good on Sunday as we drive back up!

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Teh boy is home! He seemed to have a great time and he talked ALL the way home (over an hour). I loved hearing the stories. He didn't even spend all the money he had.  The only thing I'm sad about is that he lost the camera. I lent him my digital camera for pictures. I'm not bummed about the camera it wasn't an expensive one, I'm bummed that he has no pictures! I sent an email to the leader begging for some kind of pictures. He's so grown up and mature. We did stop by his Dad's work on the way home and I think he was pleased about that (both teh boy and his father). He tried escargot and liked it! He also talked about how much he loved the art at the Louvre!
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 Almost done packing, we decided to stay at my house tonight and then go to the airport early tomorrow. I'm doing lots of laundry and wish I was done so I could  go to sleep. I've got to empty the catbox before we go. The boy would have been home alone tonight had we not stayed. I don't know why his father doesn't pick him up anyways.

I only have to take a shower and then we're leaving. I'll see you all in a week!
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We're home! (At the city house at least) We were going to go to the country house tomorrow but P has to go to the sleep institute to have her cpap machine serviced. She's got an appointment at 11am and then we're going to get her passport applied for and then back to the country house.

Monday night In Buffalo, we stayed at a nice hotel and ate BBQ and drove around the town.  I swear that the internet thought I was the devil, I sure felt cursed. We did make it to Niagara Falls, stopped briefly and looked. We were going to do the Maid of the Mist boat ride but realized that we'd probably miss the canal ride that we had planned. The Erie Canal ride was nice and then we decided to go to Cleveland on our way home. 

On Tuesday, we didn't get there until after 9pm and it's located very near to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which we did consider attending but for $20/each for just a couple of hours, probably not worth it. We had wonderful chinese delivered to our room and then fell asleep.  The room despite being at the Holiday Inn "Select" wasn't very clean. It had dorito crumbs by the bedstand. We had considered driving all the way home but 12+ hours is a bit much so we decided to stay in Madison.

Wednesday night we made it (thanks to the time change) to Madison near 9pm. This was at the Ramada and it was probably the best motel yet. We went swimming/whirpool-ing as it was open until midnight! We went to sleep on the select comfort beds that were made up very nicely. When we woke up, we had a wonderful hot buffet breakfast, eggs, bacon/sausage, american fries, fresh fruit, pastries, cereal, toast, bagels, juice, coffee or milk. P decided to get the oil changed on her car and we stopped at a few thrift shops (my kind of shopping!) and then had goulash soup at The Weary Traveler before we hit the road. 

I think had we had more time, I would have liked to explore Madison some more (perhaps a weekend trip?) I think we'd also like to explore DC more and more of the Harpers Ferry area. I would have liked to go geocaching more but it didn't fit in. You could also tell that P really needed her cpap as she needed more sleep and naps but still felt tired.

I did call the boy's father to see if he'd switch weekends with me(he won't) because next weekend I had hoped to go to Heyward with friends but it appears that we either won't go or will have the boy along. I hope we can work something out. When I get home tomorrow the boy will probably be there and his Dad will be picking him up on Saturday morning near 1pm. The boy indicated that he will be mowing the lawn on Saturday. P and I plan to do some cleaning. I hope to do more after she leaves for work on Sunday night. I'll have the next few weeks free.

Oh, another thing, I did get asked to work for another academic year at work. This is good because it will carry the boy through 10th grade, I'll have savings for 11th grade and who knows what happens after that. It occured to me that I should just save all the money I can and perhaps it would carry me through his senior year but I'd rather save it to celebrate P's 50th birthday next year with a really great trip like australia, alaskan cruise or she'd also like to do an all inclusive disney trip with cruise. Who knows.... life is an adventure.

Another great vacation has come to an end and since P doesn't sleep well, she tosses and turns, I end up awake more than usual....so I'm tired. G'night

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yeah, I wrote a post yesterday(?) and then lost it. Today I'm working on less than reliable internet and it's slow. Let's hope that I can get this done right today. I'm also trying to get it done fast because P's in the shower and we're going to have to check out in about 45 minutes.

Okay, after we returned from our DC trip, we were going to do Harpers Ferry, we had a little trouble getting going but we eventually made it. We got one of the last tours of the day and the man was wonderful! We learned about Storer College which educated people regardless of gender or race back in 1867. I also made a stop in a Goodwill as I like to shop in thrift stores and what better ways of getting stuff on your trip. I picked up a french film titled something like wanderer or something to that affect. I think I had it right on that last post that disappeared. We had dinner at a WONDERFUL little place called Beans in the Belfry that also had live music.

Sunday we went to church in Hagerstown and drove to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has either the worst roads or the person mapping the roads for the GPS was drunk when they did it. We did finally find the motel and check in, Drove around forever to find somewhere to eat and ended up at Drew's which was in the other post. WONDERFUL food!

Last night we drove to Buffalo, NY and we're on our way to Niagara Falls. We ate at a BBQ place that was pretty good and wandered the town before we came home to a very slow internet connection. This morning we're off to the falls and then will be staying in Cleveland on our way home.

Sunday night P's cpap machine quit working. The poor thing isn't getting very good sleep. I suspect I'll be doing a lot of the driving from now on. I was very disappointed in how her the sleep institute handled it, like they didn't even care. With less sleep and all the driving, she could end up in an accident if I wasn't here to do it. I'm going to write a letter because I'm not sure if the institute is aware of this woman's lack of empathy or willingness to assist the patients they serve.

That's all I can do, now I've got to pack quick and leave to the falls. I hope I don't fall in! GRIN
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Yesterday, we took the train to DC, the subway to the Mall. P had never been to DC but I used to go when I was a kid when my paternal grandparents lived in Silver Spring, MD. We didn't especially have a strong opinion about what we were going to do but decided that we were going to go to the Holocaust Museum, Bureau of Engraving (where they make the money) and Library of Congress. We knew that we had to get the tickets early for both and the Museum came up first and the tickets were for less than an hour so we hung out until our time came up.  I had been to the Museum before but P had never been there. I also admit that I'm a huge softie and often get emotional about stuff like that, if someone starts crying, I often am a sympathy crier. We took probably 2-3 hours going through it. I knew a fair amount about the Holocaust but P knew very little. I don't know that I knew about all of it, enjoyed reading more about the ghettos, uprisings, denmark rescuing their own and other people who helped save some people. Our admission tickets were for noon and I don't think we got out of there until after 3pm.  The Bureau was out of tickets, bummer. I felt bad because that was the only thing that P really wanted to go to. We wandered toward the mall and walked through the Smithsonian Folkways event(I had seen this  years before the last time I was there but didn't really have a chance to check it out). We went to one of the museums for something to eat, our feet were killing us. We were lucky we got there when we did because they close at 4pm and it was 5 minutes before. After our expensive meal, we went outside and listened to some music before we decided to head back to the subway than the train station, we didn't know what time the train left and we sure didn't want to be late.

We were glad to be home, delivery pizza and off to sleep.

Today is Harpers Ferry and one last night at the hostel before we move on...to who knows where.
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I tried to post before but the hostel computer I was using decided to quit on me. I'm now using P's new laptop. Let me tell you what we've been doing....

We left Saturday morning at 1:30am and drove through until we got to Caryville, TN. It wasn't too bad and I even drove through Chicago around 10am. We took turns sleeping in the back of the car, there was *just* enough space. We ended up staying at some cheap motel which wasn't too bad. In the morning (Sunday) we left and drove down through Pigeon Forge to the Smoky Mountains. It has no admission and was therefore free but boy was it BUSY. Pigeon Forge was so commercialized, and yes, it's where Dollywood is. We stopped and picked up some food for a picnic. Our goal this trip is to eat better than our trip last year. Fruit,(wonderful strawberries) veggies, salad and etc. P also picked up a swimsuit at the store that must not be named, she couldn't find hers. The picnic was at the "quietest" picnic site but it sure was busy. We pretty much left after we had lunch. We drove to Morrisville, NC and stayed at a wonderful Priceline Holiday Inn. It was a great price and included a pool and cook to order breakfast (which unfortunately we missed having because we didn't check the hours they served).

Monday after a late start, we drove to Boone, NC. We drove through the mountains on small steep roads, just not what this flat Minnesota driver is use to, thankfully P was driving. We were trying to get to Turtle Island Preserve by 3:30 at the latest, but we didn't get there until 4pm. 5 miles in NC is very different than 5 miles in Minnesota! We started in a paved two lane road, then to a paved single lane and lastly 2 miles on gravel around turns and up and down into the hills. We made it and promptly used the squatting privy. I wish I had found the sitters. Eustace showed up and we had a really wonderful 2 hour horse and buggy ride. Eustace has an amazing voice, so soft and kind. He drove us around some of the preserve, showed us some wild life, the various plants, trees and etc. I loved the Tulip trees and the one that smelled like mint went you scratched the bark. The rhododendrons were in such bloom! Amazing! We stayed for dinner and it was so good! Chili, cheesy beans and cauliflower, greens and cornbread. Apple crisp for dessert. I think we probably could have gotten the chance to throw up our tent but they didn't have electricity and P needs it for her Cpap, We had discussion about her picking up something that would provide a battery for that for future trips. I think we'd definately go back again. Perhaps stay on for a few days and work there. We drove back to Boone to find a place to sleep, attempted to stay at this little private motel but they didn't answer their locked door even though it wasn't before 10pm. We did find a old Red Roof Inn which cost more than the wonderful Holiday Inn from the night before. 

Tuesday we stopped at a cute little coffee shop in Boone before hitting the road for the Blue Ridge Parkway. We took a nice hike down to see small waterfalls. Stopped for an old cabin. Camped at a really wonderful campground at Dan in the Meadows This was really amazing to set up camp, lay low a bit and just enjoy it. I think we could have stayed another night.

Wednesday (P's birthday)we broke camp and drove into town to get a little breakfast before we hit the road.  We went to this little store that had all sorts of tourist stuff and produce, little deli and etc. I found a few things to give to A and my sis(for her care with my cats and etc)  This lady came up to me and started talking to me. I have such a hard time once they start talking to stop and leave. This was a delightful little old lady named Zadie who told me all about her life. It was pretty interesting....she's been married for a long time to a man who is a womanizer, alcoholic and gambler, He also looses things and expect her to find them even if he's set them outside. He thinks she talks too much and she loves dancing with her girlfriends even though she doesn't get around so well anymore. Her mother died and she had to leave all her furniture in the house when she left and she never had anything in her life because her husband gambled it all away.  I loved listening to her but P was waiting ever so patiently but I couldn't pull away from her. We eventually left after picking up some homemade treats. P wasn't so sure she knew what she wanted to do, I didn't care. She was thinking she wanted to drive to Arcadia National Park in MAINE! We decided that we would in fact go to Harper's Ferry as orginally talked about. For lunch I stopped at White's cafe but the waitress thought I ordered 2 burgers when we intended to share one. We took our leftovers with us. We drove to the hostel and checked in and ate our leftovers.

Thursday we decided to stay 2 more nights at the hostel. It's been mostly a quiet day, we gave a AT hiker a ride to the trail, had great breakfast and now P's reading and I'm catching up on my LJ.  P has had a dream of doing the AT, I think it would be cool too. I think we're planning on hiking on it a little bit to at least say we did it, probably later today. We both need to be in better shape in many ways in order to do this. Perhaps, we can do it in bits and pieces. There's a very large family staying at the hostel in the other family room, 6 kids and 2 parents. When we got back from our morning time, we discovered that there's a group of kids sans leader(I think they're waiting for them to show up) they have hiked for about 20 miles total over 3days. What a fun adventure. We went to the AT conservatory and read through the book and looked at the pictures. It sure inspires you to want to do it. I'd love to plan something like that but probaby not a walkthru, it takes 6-8 months and with me probably closer to the longer end. P's excited but she's feeling bummed out because of her health. If we could both get back in shape, perhaps we could both do it. I'm thinking sections would be our way to go. I know this has been a LONG post, sorry!

Friday (my and [profile] setfiretolife 's birthday) we'll go to DC to check out some of the Smithsonian museums and Saturday we'll be checking out Historic Harpers Ferry.

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Yeah, so this is my last few days on my contract for work, I know I'm out of sorts because of it. Poor P's had to deal with me being a little less than stellar about my current job prospects.

But, I'm going on vacation and it looks like we're going to leave Friday night. P took off two days of work and has been gearing up. I've been working and trying to get ready. Unfortunately, all that amounted to was research for the trip and laundry. I am excited by like I said, the job thing has me bummed.

At this point, I might be jobless when I return and who knows if they will ask me back for fall. I'm hoping and all signs point to yes but I don't count my eggs before their hatched. I should just accept and ENJOY the balance of my summer instead of freaking out.

Tonight I'll take my little fridge home with me and tomorrow will be spend cleaning out my office, turning in my keys and etc. I've got to remember to pick up a jumpdrive to add everything from my computer on to it.

Yesterday the boy and I went to dinner and practicing driving. We went to a local bar and grill to have their Wednesday night specials, 8oz sirloin for $8. Yum After that we drove to my mom's house because now that he's done the parking lot, I thought he might try the driveway. It's what I did and the drive way is 1/4 mile long curvy and up a hill. Since he's got to learn on a manual transmission, I think stopping on a hill and getting off is the best way to learn. We did that once but it's hard to turn around so after that, we drove down the road (which use to be dirt and was recently paved for the new multimillion dollar houses going up in the area). The speed limit is 45, most people go 55 but he didn't want to go faster than 40. We drove to my high school and back. I was very proud of him, he's doing a good job.

Now I'm going to have pie before I have to sit at the desk.
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I'm also starting to plan our vacation. We're going to take 2 weeks in July and go eastward.  Where? Well that's a good question...a couple of places we're hoping to see for sure are as follows:

We want to go here: http://www.turtleislandpreserve.com/ which is near Boone, NC and take the horse and buggy rides around the preserve.

We want to hike on the appalachian trail a bit

Go to the Shenandoah mountains see  http://www.nps.gov/shen/

Go to Harpers Ferry and see the historical reenactment see http://www.nps.gov/archive/hafe/home.htm

So those are the things that we'd like to do, that gives you an idea of where we're going to target. What do you know that you could tell me about this places. Is there anything you think we'd HAVE to go see or do? Is there a restaurant that you once ate at and LOVED, please let me know.

I want to hear what you think we should do...
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Jul. 9th, 2006 11:12 am
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I'm sitting in an adorable  but very busy coffee shop in Flagstaff, I just finished reading 300+ posts to catch up. I've got to pee but don't want to leave the laptop alone to do it so I'll do my best. I woke up at about 6am after going to bed around 10p or earlier so it's 8 hours, the rest of the crew were still sleeping. I've got traveler's checks but minimal cash, a very nice woman helped me cover enough for a small mocha (I was going to order tea for the lesser amount).

Yesterday July 8, we took the train to Grand Canyon, it was fun. They had musicians on the train, walking around was nice. I, despite my fear of heights, walked along the Angel Bright Trail for a little way. P was proud of me. Took pictures, bought some books and etc. Friday the boy and I went to see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie because he was so "bored" July 7. P took time to sleep, relax and read. Prior to that, we went to 4 corners, bought matching rings and stopped at the Navajo National Monument. July 6 (my birthday) Day before that (July 5) we saw Mesa Verde and a rainbow. I might post pictures if I remember to do that. July 4th We visited P's little lot of land in the small town(if you could call it that) in San Acacio, CO at night we stayed in Pagosa Springs (where we dined and dashed for the first time in my life due to such a horrible waitress...we also had a coupon for a discount but after waiting for so long for your bill we just got fed up, yeah no excuses I'm not proud of it)and I had wanted to sit in the springs but never got to because we wanted to get going on the road. Next time, that's what I keep saying. 

Today we're going to hit the road to drive east on 40 before we go north to get to Dodge City to get the wagon to go back to Colorado for camping in the Rockies for 3 days.

It's getting so busy in this coffee shop, I feel like I've got to skadaddle.
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This morning we woke up early to take the car to a local garage before everything was closed for the 4th. It was 7am. We got the car in and the guy replaced the fuel filter but thought it could also be the fuel pump but we'd have to go back to Wichita to the Volvo dealer. We decided that it was the filter and decided to move forward if it still was bad, we were hoping to go north to a Volvo dealer in Colorado Springs. We made it almost 200 miles before it conked out just before Dodge City, KS. We actually found a garage that was able to test the fuel pump and it turns out that is the problem. The mechanic didn't think he could get a fuel pump even after the 5th. P was so frusturated by that time, we found a car rental place and were lucky enough to get a minivan because the people that reserved it didn't show up by their deadline. She got it for a week so we're going to take it when we go to AZ and Las Vegas where it's hot and we're not going camping. Once we return the minivan to Dodge City we're going back to CO and heading up to northern Colorado and camping. I want to see the Celestial Seasonings factory and the Rocky Mountains. We'll go home via the Black Hills and see the heads (Mount Rushmore and etc) and stop by my families "reunion" near Brookings, SD.

Tomorrow is P's birthday !!!
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That's where we are now.....we were able to drive just under 200 miles today which is probably the most so far but not fast enough to me. We hope we can get the car looked at tomorrow. The one garage that we're planning on taking it to opens at 7am. 

It's a pain in the ass but I do plan on going swimming tomorrow while we wait. We have to 'check out' at 11am and I'm not sure if there will be a room if we have to stay because of the Senior Open that is here this weekend. 

We did have a nice chinese buffet dinner. We're also going to have to spend some time tracking our budget, we haven't done that in the last 24 hours or so.

okay, now I'm going to take out my dried out contacts and go to bed


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