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So teh boy is all the more ambitious about making money for school. The problem is that he's afraid to take another job on because he's afraid it will conflict with his current job and school starting next month. He wants to try to find ways of making money online. I told him about swag bucks and he had heard about adding subtitles to movies and I sent him some information on that and about writing articles for clicks.

Any other suggestions?

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Teh boy: I don't say this enough, Love you Mom.
me: aw....thank you :-) I love you from the deepest parts of my soul all the way up
Teh boy: way to 'one up' me mother :p
Me: LOL :-) :-) :-)
Me: You are wonderful and amazing just as you are...no one up-ing :-) :-) :-)

I sure got one wonderful and amazing, kid. How did I get so lucky?
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I got a nice surprise when I came home, teh boy bought me a bag of fritos. He knows that I've got a personal attachment to them because I use to eat them with my Dad. He also wrote me a really nice note that reads "Mother, don't let the expectations of Mother's day tilt your judgement. I appreciate you ever day of the year". How sweet is that?
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Teh boy was tired yesterday afternoon and decided to take a nap. Unfortunately this led to him being wide awake when I went to bed last night (midnight). He decided he was going to go for a drive. I received a telephone call at 3am from him because his car died. Once it died, he attempted to turn around (why, I don't even know) therefore he was half on the road and half off heading into a ditch. My mother (who gave him the car) said that this car will periodically not start. If you let it sit for a couple of hours or so, it will start right up. First I had to figure out where teh boy and car were located (thanks Ipad and map) and once I found them we attempted to at least push the car back up on the road (no luck). At that point, I was too tired and just wanted it dealt with. I called AAA and once they came, we were going to have him tow it to our mechanic. He pulled it up on the road (I could have done that with my truck and a chain I have) and then it "...started right up". I was annoyed and very tired. We both got back home safely(4:30am) and I tried to sleep which really only seemed to work once my alarm went off(5:45am). I had to get up early because I'm in charge of opening the library today (AND I was ON TIME).

edit to add: I should note that teh boy (and I suppose me too) was really good about the whole thing. He was genuinely apologetic for what he had to do. We talked about how to prevent this in the future 1) don't try to turn your car around when it's not running 2) if you want to go driving at night, take my truck...it's more reliable. It's funny because the tow truck guy thought he had been "partying" which would be an easy assumption based on how the car was half in the ditch. My boy is too much of an old man to do that...at least so far (it could and I expect and hope it will change at some point).
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Today was teh boy's drivers license test. He started this so long ago...I think he was 14 when he first started taking the classroom training. I remember thinking he was just too young. He was probably on the right path for getting it at your typical age of 16 when my Dad was killed by a truck. He has never said that it affected his desire to drive but I know that I was pretty worthless about trying to get him to practice for a year after my Dad's death. I don't know how it couldn't have affected him.  I did think it was important that if I had paid for the classroom and behind the wheel hours he should at least finish them and he did just about 2 1/2 months short of when it wouldn't have mattered legally if he had done the classroom training and behind the wheel hours or not.

He is a very careful driver and only received 8 points off of up to 20 points off which would still be passing. I was so happy for him. I could hardly believe it. It's been a long road and even if his Dad said he'd help teach him to drive, as usual...it was me. I think his Dad took him driving at least once maybe twice but that was it. He was too afraid something would happen to his car (you know the one that is really in my name!)

Do you remember when you first got your license? The sense of freedom you felt because you could finally go longer distances without a parent around? (At least those of you who didn't already have access to public transportation). I was so excited to take my first drive ALONE. Well, we finished his test and he talked about going to surprise his Dad with a treat or something...but his Dad later told him that he "....didn't like surprises" ??!!?!   He ended up coming home and that was it.

We did call up his Aunt (my sis) who works in the building where he finished the paperwork for his license and she was pretty giddy. I also happily posted it on FB which annoyed him.

I'm also excited because he can now drive himself to school if I happen to need to do something after work. We just have to figure out which vehicle he would take.

My mother also might have an offer on her house. If that's the case, she plans on giving teh boy her second car for his high school graduation. The funny thing is that we realized the car is actually older than he is!

Good day

Jun. 25th, 2009 02:24 pm
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Yesterday I got an email that included teh boy's ACT scores. I was expecting him to do pretty well because I know how smart he is even if he doesn't work to his potential. He wasn't feeling it very good about the test. His composite score was in the 80th percentile nationally which means he will likely be able to attend the community college where I work next year for his senior year of high school. I'm so happy for him.

To celebrate, P and I ran to the store for steaks (and lower fat chicken for me) sweet corn, potatoes and salad (with feta, blueberries and strawberries). P even suggested inviting teh boy's father over. This was such a good idea because of the tension between them, it provided an opportunity for them to get past it. P suggested both the celebration dinner and inviting the father, what a wonderful woman. I've been really loving on her lately.

His Dad was a little nervous about coming but he did come(his stupid pride and depression) and I was very happy. He wasn't too negative about his job loss, that he doesn't feel good or etc. Teh boy and his father got along very well. P had teh boy make his Dad's steak and then his Dad realized he wanted to be there to watch him cook it so he cam down and watched. I made the salad and boiled the corn.

After the great dinner, teh boys cleaned the table (and put the dishes in the sink where teh boy will load the dishwasher). We played wii bowling which teh boy's father had never done and it was fun. It was great for everyone. The depressed father had a good day and reconnected with his son, the son had a good time and was happy with his family, P has been feeling better and was motivated by her appreciation of her partner to cook/grill for her and I was happy that everyone was happy.
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P was put on thyroid medication today. She was sad that she has to take more medication but I'm hoping she will feel better after it kicks in.

I broke down and purchased a new camera today. I've lost my other camera. The last time I saw it was in March during our Seattle trip. I could have sworn I had it when I came back but don't really know where it went. It's possible I didn't bring it back but it could have also been taken from me at work, my car or something like that.

Yesterday we went to the zoo with my sisters, mom, Dad's partner and teh boy. I was glad teh boy got out of the house but he got cranky after we stayed until it closed (6pm). He's like "I knew this would happen" which I'm not sure what that meant.

Tomorrow me and teh boy are going to the dentist.
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We made it to Indianapolis! We decided after checking out of the hotel in Chicago the weather seemed too bad to delay getting to Indianapolis. Normally I think it takes just over 3 hours but not today! We left just after 1pm and didn't get here until 6:30. We had a really long detour not one that was posted but after we sat for 30 minutes on the interstate we decided to get off and drive around. Apparently the semi trucks couldn't get up some of the steeper hills and the closed down the road for a bit. We also had to get off one exit early because they closed that exit due to a salt truck/police cruiser accident. We ended up following a driver who was going 20 mph with more than a half a dozen cars trailing behind. I didn't think the roads were that bad but maybe it's because I'm use to driving on Minnesota roads. Once we got into our room I ran to  Walmart the store that must not be named for a few essentials. Unfortunately the pool that we were expecting turns out to be outside.

My sister(the one who lives here) called to say that my mom and my other sister made it in from the airport. We'll go meet up with them tomorrow.

My son is starting to drive me C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

Cross your fingers the weather is good on Sunday as we drive back up!

Teh Boy

Oct. 10th, 2008 11:44 am
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Monday was school conferences. He's very solidly in the B range right now. I'm pleased. The teachers all said wonderful things about him being a very kind young man.  One of his favorite teachers does socratic inquiries on various topics in a salon format, the boy loves these and this teacher. He (the teacher) said that he seems to be in a much better place this year than last socially. I was always worried that teh boy wasn't very happy in his life because of his lack of tribe. He seemed to have found that and feel a bit better about himself lately. This makes me happy. I just hope that this will continue throughout the year. Last year he started out okay and then slowly dropped down and his last quarter was the worst including his F in german.
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I miss my Dad most of all when I need parenting advice. I don't know that I trust my mother's opinion. My sisters don't have children and therefore I don't know if they would help. The boy has it so easy and refuses to help around the house. When I try to push him to do it, he ends up having a tantrum and stalking off. This has to change.
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Teh boy started school today. I can't believe he's a junior in high school. When I got home from work today we ran to Target to pick up some school supplies and etc. He's okay with Target tennis shoes so I won't complain. I did end up buying him this brown leather zippered planner (which he will take out the planner part and insert his school planner). I think he just wants to have a zippered planner with little tablets for taking notes with). I enjoyed hearing about his classes.

This weekend was good, we camped out at our friend J's house along with 3 other couples and a handful of kids. P wasn't feeling so good after pushing herself too much the last couple of weeks at work so she slept in the last couple of mornings. We had good times with friends we haven't hung out with for a while. She did her watercolor painting and I assembled some peace signs that I'm going to send to family and etc to honor my Dad.

Monday we went to the state fair. I didn't think that we'd have lots of energy especially with as hot as it was. We volunteered with the Sesquincentenial booth for a few hours and then had some food (cheese curds, slice of pizza, ice cream, lemonade, corn dog) attended the Toby Keith concert. We had great seats, 5th row center. I just hated sitting next to the lady who sat too close to me (I tend to have big private space). We got some really fun pics. I'm not much of a Toby Keith fan but P chose to surprise me with a date night. I like it when she plans things for us.


On a sad note, her friend J (who lives in Iowa) lost her sister on Sunday. She had late stage brain cancer and lost the war. She was younger than P which makes me worry a little bit. J is also chronically sick with wegeners disease. P wanted to go down there but J didn't want her to do. I feel bad for P because she obviously cares deeply for J but she keeps everyone at arms length. I met J once when she came up here, she's a riot but I do get a sense of sadness about her.
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I've been so busy lately. This weekend was a wedding in Rochester and then a quickly planned BBQ at the city house. I drove the truck and got 27mpg. Today was the first day of school. Tomorrow I will have an instruction session in the nursing department.

My son had his open house for school. He starts next Tuesday.

We also went over to his Dad's house. He's moving from a one bedroom to a studio apartment. He has to downsize but doesn't really know how to do it besides throwing things away. We ended up picking through the stuff. Teh boy wants to try and sell stuff to make some money. There's some decent stuff there, two wooden stools, telephone, aquarium and etc. Teh boy already sold a fish net to the neighbor. We're going to keep a couple of things too like the blow up aerobed and etc.

I'm thinking I might try to go to ACRL in March. We can apply for professional development funds and I think it would benefit the library. It's also in Seattle which would be fun. I bet I could do it without much out of pocket.

Okay, I'm gonna go to bed now.

Tomorrow is my little sister's birthday.
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Teh boy is home! He seemed to have a great time and he talked ALL the way home (over an hour). I loved hearing the stories. He didn't even spend all the money he had.  The only thing I'm sad about is that he lost the camera. I lent him my digital camera for pictures. I'm not bummed about the camera it wasn't an expensive one, I'm bummed that he has no pictures! I sent an email to the leader begging for some kind of pictures. He's so grown up and mature. We did stop by his Dad's work on the way home and I think he was pleased about that (both teh boy and his father). He tried escargot and liked it! He also talked about how much he loved the art at the Louvre!
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 Tuesday wasn't a good day. More fever and chills despite the outside temp of 80, I was huddle up in my down comforter with my heating pad trying to warm up. Ibuprophin does wonders against this. This morning I was even able to mow the lawn. Teh boy comes home Thursday night and I'm sure he won't want to mow the lawn first thing when he gets home. It really needed it and I felt good doing it. The doc confirmed that my UTI still remains so I've got ANOTHER round of antibiotics and they're going to culture my "sample".  If I'm lucky, this current one will knock it out or I'll have to be on round 4!

Tomorrow (really it's today since it's so late) I'll be kicking around P's house until it's time to go pick up the boy. I'm excited about his return and to hear his stories.

This weekend we were going to go camping again but a wedding and a recent invite for vistors at my house requires some deep cleaning! Not so fun to spend the weekend plus week cleaning. I sure hope I feel better.
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 Isn't it amazing how much poor sleep can affect your mood? The night before, I didn't even allow myself the opportunity to sleep for 8 hours. I pushed it as far as I could....it's so hard to come back to work after the weekend. Last night I was set for 7 hours which would have at least been better than the night before. I even made sure that P shut the bedroom door so the stupid cats wouldn't come in and jump up to the window. You see, my bed is right below the window and the cats LOVE that the weather is nice enough to open the window when we sleep....so they can sit there watching and breathing fresh air. Unfortunately, I also have books piled there, my glasses, a spray bottle(to get rid of the cats) among other things. Night before last, the cat jumped up there and knocked a bunch of stuff off which then comes raining down on us - yes, while we're asleep. It's not a great thing to wake up to, let me tell you!

Yeah, so last night door shut to keep out the critters but some how the stupid cats got in! ARGH, P says she didn't do it, I know the cats aren't *that* smart yet so I'm thinking it might have been teh boy. Which means that I was woke up an hour earlier than when the alarm was set for, I was able to sleep a little more but not much. This made me very cranky.

As I was feeding the delightful critters, I decided to check teh boy's grades. 3 weeks ago he started a new quarter, he's currently receiving 2 Ds, 1 F and the other class is ungraded at this point. ARGH! Just what I need, I sent him an email to ask him about it. I don't even know if he's gotten it yet or not. 

I'm tired, cranky and irritable. I want to go home and go to sleep. Instead, maybe I'll go and get some coffee.
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The boy didn't get into the school he applied to. He said he has mixed feelings about it. He seemed to be okay though. I hope he'll talk to me more about it later.
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It didn't take that long to get his teeth out....we're home, we've filled the pain meds and antibiotics, he's take his first dose and he's sleeping. We also picked up some "soft food" pudding, applesauce and smoothies. I think he's doing okay, we'll see about tomorrow. 

As I stayed up too late watching tv and playing around on the computer, I just may take a nap....
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Oh boy, my sleep schedule is messed up. I feel totally behind in my LJ. Did I tell you I went shopping? I so rarely go shopping but I figure that I need to start dressing a little better for work. I had gone to a leadership institute for work and met a woman who while thinner than me was similar in stature and rounder like me. She dressed really sharp as far as I was concerned. Professional but designed for short and squatty girls, not too trendy but not old lady either. So I stopped by CJ Banks and ended up leaving with 9 things for a little more than $100. 2 skirts and 7 tops. I just need to find some shoes to go with the skirts.

So this weekend the boy went with his father to visit  his Aunt(the boy's father's sister) he had an adventure, very different family than either his father or I have. S(the aunt) is 4 years younger than me, married and divorced 3 times with 3 kids from each husband. I guess the fun thing was that they were in a parade promoting her hair salon she runs out of her garage called the "Hair Yard".

Friday night I worked out ***  and than went to dinner with friends. It was a good time, I had been waiting for P to wake up and perhaps join us or let me know when she was coming out. She ended up sleeping 21 hours! That's just not right, there has to be something wrong. I knew she was more tired than usual but it's crazy. After dinner, I stayed up a little but was asleep by 12:30 or so, P showed up around 5:30. She was feeling pretty good. She cuddled with me some and than I went back to sleep. She was working on cleaning the TV room because my friend R was coming over.  I got up and was helping her too. We were going to put up the new shades but I couldn't find my drill for the life of me. Finally gave up on that and P was tired so she layed down and I ran to the store for snacks for the evening.

We had a good time, LAUGHING LOUD and playing guitar hero and karaoke with Singstar game. It was absolutely hilarious! The funniest part was that it came with a camera thing(I think~P set it up) and would take random video of you singing and you could play it back complete with audio. We were dying! P went to sleep earlier than we did, as she wasn't feeling well. R and I finally crashed near 4am. I was up by 10am to visit with R before she left. P and I went back to sleep and slept quite late. The boy is back from his Dad's, but they were late because he had "car trouble" whatever that meant.....I'm just glad he's back. Tomorrow we're going to the MN history center with my mother....hopefully go okay.

*** I've started working out again....let's see if I can get into a habit. As I stayed up so late, my sleep schedule is so messed up so I'll probably go sometime in the wee hours of the morning. If you don't hear from me again....you'll know why!

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Yeah, so this is my last few days on my contract for work, I know I'm out of sorts because of it. Poor P's had to deal with me being a little less than stellar about my current job prospects.

But, I'm going on vacation and it looks like we're going to leave Friday night. P took off two days of work and has been gearing up. I've been working and trying to get ready. Unfortunately, all that amounted to was research for the trip and laundry. I am excited by like I said, the job thing has me bummed.

At this point, I might be jobless when I return and who knows if they will ask me back for fall. I'm hoping and all signs point to yes but I don't count my eggs before their hatched. I should just accept and ENJOY the balance of my summer instead of freaking out.

Tonight I'll take my little fridge home with me and tomorrow will be spend cleaning out my office, turning in my keys and etc. I've got to remember to pick up a jumpdrive to add everything from my computer on to it.

Yesterday the boy and I went to dinner and practicing driving. We went to a local bar and grill to have their Wednesday night specials, 8oz sirloin for $8. Yum After that we drove to my mom's house because now that he's done the parking lot, I thought he might try the driveway. It's what I did and the drive way is 1/4 mile long curvy and up a hill. Since he's got to learn on a manual transmission, I think stopping on a hill and getting off is the best way to learn. We did that once but it's hard to turn around so after that, we drove down the road (which use to be dirt and was recently paved for the new multimillion dollar houses going up in the area). The speed limit is 45, most people go 55 but he didn't want to go faster than 40. We drove to my high school and back. I was very proud of him, he's doing a good job.

Now I'm going to have pie before I have to sit at the desk.


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