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 Isn't it amazing how much poor sleep can affect your mood? The night before, I didn't even allow myself the opportunity to sleep for 8 hours. I pushed it as far as I could....it's so hard to come back to work after the weekend. Last night I was set for 7 hours which would have at least been better than the night before. I even made sure that P shut the bedroom door so the stupid cats wouldn't come in and jump up to the window. You see, my bed is right below the window and the cats LOVE that the weather is nice enough to open the window when we sleep....so they can sit there watching and breathing fresh air. Unfortunately, I also have books piled there, my glasses, a spray bottle(to get rid of the cats) among other things. Night before last, the cat jumped up there and knocked a bunch of stuff off which then comes raining down on us - yes, while we're asleep. It's not a great thing to wake up to, let me tell you!

Yeah, so last night door shut to keep out the critters but some how the stupid cats got in! ARGH, P says she didn't do it, I know the cats aren't *that* smart yet so I'm thinking it might have been teh boy. Which means that I was woke up an hour earlier than when the alarm was set for, I was able to sleep a little more but not much. This made me very cranky.

As I was feeding the delightful critters, I decided to check teh boy's grades. 3 weeks ago he started a new quarter, he's currently receiving 2 Ds, 1 F and the other class is ungraded at this point. ARGH! Just what I need, I sent him an email to ask him about it. I don't even know if he's gotten it yet or not. 

I'm tired, cranky and irritable. I want to go home and go to sleep. Instead, maybe I'll go and get some coffee.
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This week has been slow and it doesn't help that I end up doing very little. I should be doing all sorts of stuff but I'm just not.

I'm also sleeping a crazy schedule and mostly not sleeping (or sleeping weird hours) so I'm tired too. Yesterday I got home and went to sleep about 6pm and slept until 9pm when I got up and didn't go back to sleep until 2am which I slept until 6am. 

Tomorrow is my last day of work for two weeks. I've got to get my basement presentable because I'm getting quotes for a new furnace next week and hopefully installation the following week.
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I'm STILL sick, I thought I was getting better but than this morning I woke up and my ear seemed to be getting plugged again.

Tomorrow I have my 2nd on site interview for a local university. I feel weird that I'm going and will still be sick. My first onsite interview was with them on Dec 27th and I was really sick. My voice sounds better but I'm still coughing. I've got to do a 15 minute presentation and take Q & A for 30 minutes. After a break, I'm doing role play reference via phone and email.

Again, this weekend will be laying low. I think. P's got her appointment with a lung specialist tomorrow. She thinks she's still got pneumonia so I'm not sure what that will mean. I don't think she's ready to go back to work full time. She's exhausted when she comes home. She took a nap last night and than went to sleep at 8pm. I also went to sleep at 8pm and woke regretfully by 8am. Tonight I'm working late...won't even have the chance to sleep until after 10pm. I've got to be up by 6am.
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P has sleep apnea and uses a machine to make sure she keeps breathing at night. She finally received a new part for the machine and used it last night. Often we use 2 alarm clocks to make sure we get up, but recently we've just used the loud beeping one. I almost always wake up but I also want her to wake up too. I set the alarms (one for her and one for me) but apparently I set them for radio which was turned down too low. She woke up for the first time on her own (even without the alarm) before I did. I would be so excited for her if she was finally able to get good sleep.

After she left, I got out of bed even though I didn't need to, I wish I could go back to bed but now is the time I need to get going to work for myself. I might have to stop and get the "good" coffee.

Tonight I really want to make sure we go to sleep on time, tomorrow is A's class where we don't get home until 10pm.
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What a weekend.

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Oh no, I think I'm getting sick. It's really not surprising since I've been burning my candle at both ends. Sleep is important, I should consider doing it. I think I should pick up some vit C too.

It was another cold coffee and hot coffee morning. It got me through and I plan to sleep at least 6 hours which is more than I have been. I feel like I'm obsessing a little on this sleep thing.

All in all, it was a good day. I had enough time to stop at home briefly for dinner ( a PB and J sandwich) before on to my other job. I also sent A an email that has movie times and the link to the corn maze. I think he might be up for it. He's home from school for MEA (Minnesota Education Association which translates to Thursday and Friday out of school) and I know he probably spent the whole day on the computer. He does have to mow the lawn and empty the dishwasher. I should get him to clean his room too.

I can tell that it's winter, my nails are starting to break off all over the place, not that they were ever very long. I keep them short but they are good tools to scrape labels off the library books and stuff.
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I sure loose interest easily...I'm ready to move on to something more challenging at my current job, I really like the people I work with(don't we always like the people we work with) but the commute and my other job and not having my darn nights free is getting to me. This is something I will continue to complain about until I find my permanent job, ARGH.

I'm also wanting to start doing somethings to my house(install 2nd bathroom, new flooring in the bathroom, kitchen and entryway) but not if I'm going to move in the next few years. I do want to clean out the whole thing...we'll see how far I get with that.

Catching up on sleep is important, I'm going to focus on getting enough.
I did get 8+ hours last night and I needed it but neglected doing laundry and cooking up some rice and beans for lunches. I really need a wife! Any takers? GRIN Although, I don't know that I'd want all that responsiblity, but I would like to share the burden with someone.


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