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Aug. 9th, 2006 11:09 am
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I'm posting this to get caught up.....
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Today I'm wearing new clothes. It's still going to be too hot. I'm sleepy and as soon as I can, I'm going home to sleep. I've got to wake up around 2am to leave town by 3am to take my sis and son to the airport. They're going to California, my sis wants to learn to surf. After that, I'm driving to P's to wake her up and spend a little time with her before I leave to go back to work (which will likely be a 2 hour drive!)
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My sister (the one who can be really mean) ended up having her car towed. She works downtown (hour away) and she tried to call both parents but she wasn't able to get a hold of either of them. After she called me, I offered to go pick her up and take her to the impound lot. I think she was surprised that I was willing to do that for her. After I told P about it, she offered to do it. I'd be totally up for it and okay doing it but I've only had an hour of sleep since yesterday.

It also means that P's on her way here....Grin

The boy took off to go be with a friend for a couple of hours. He's going to his Dad's tomorrow and will be back on Sunday afternoon. I don't think he's going to do anything for mom's day, I don't expect it but sometimes I feel taken for granted. I sent my own mother an email greeting.

I'm not sure what the weekend will bring other than I'm going to coffee with the girls on Sunday afternoon.

I'm also feeling pretty good because I've only got 4 more days of work until I've got 2 months off! I've got a plan to get on track with things, let's hope I can do it.
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I'm here in the town where my sister lives, we drove down last night. I figured she'd sleep all the way but she talked all the way. I really like my sister, she's amazing. She has a number of friends who have sisters who are lesbians and talked about how the family reacts and she really wanted me to know that she doesn't talk about it because she's embarassed or anything. She also wanted to know about P so I told her, she invited us down to visit her. See why I think she's such a great person! She seems to be recovering well. Tomorrow will be one week from her surgery. My Dad went home on Saturday. I tried to call him but I think he's been sleeping it off and he's also had to go to a clinic appointment. I already got a thank you from P his partner, she talked about how she enjoyed the food I made and the book of poetry that I gave my Dad. I'm just glad my Dad is doing better.

As I had expected to be with my sister starting Saturday and we didn't leave until Sunday. I had more time at home. This was nice. P was with, that was nice. R and E stopped by to drop off more stuff and organize it for the weather(putting it on pallets) I made them some dinner (gosh, I haven't cooked in a while...other than the food for my Dad). Hung out talked, played a game. P had to leave for dinner with a friend, As much as I didn't want her to go, I'm glad she did. She came back, grin. We're learning how to communicate better with each other. I think that it's so important because misunderstandings can happen and I don't want it to.
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I expect it's going to be quiet tonight. I'm slowly getting over my cold which makes me very happy. I was supposed to have my hot water heater and water softner replaced today but it didn't happen. I'm not sure why, I tried to call the guy that put it in and he didn't answer, nor did his voicemail kick in. I did drop a pretty penny on that, but I should really look at it as an investment in my house. It also got me to finally vacuum the stairs. Gawd, it was getting nasty.

Today was my last working Tuesday for a couple of weeks, next week is the surgery and the following Tuesday I'll be in Iowa with my sis.

Saturday I was suppose to go to see Dar Williams and Girlyman with my ex, T. Her and I broke up 1-29-2004, yep, more than a year and a half ago. When I told her that I was seeing someone recently, she had a hard time with it. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad that she's having a hard time with it but we haven't been a couple for quite some time. Now she's saying she doesn't want to go to the concert, which is okay as I know that I would be present with her but still have thoughts of P. Anyways, so T doesn't want to go and wanted to give me the tickets. I told her that I would want to pay for them and now she's saying to give her less than what she paid for them. This kinda frustrates me as I feel she can be pretty passive aggressive. I tried to explain to her once before about how she doesn't realize the power she does have but I think she just doesn't want to see it...then she couldn't be the victim of the situation. ARGH.. I don't want to hurt her because I do care about her but I'm in a very different place with regards to the situation than she is. Of course, this just reinforces why I don't want to be with her, we operate very differently.

The weekend can't come soon enough. I love having time with my sweetie. Although, we've got to do better at getting sleep! GRIN
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Surgery for my Dad and sis is in one week. I'm nervous about that, I'm taking the day off for it. I'll be helping take care of my sister as she recovers in Iowa. Of course, I've got to get over my cold otherwise it wouldn't be very good for either of them. Any suggestions for getting healthier other than vit c, cough drops, lots of fluid, sleep and echinacea. I've gone from stuffed up to coughing so I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Tonight should be cough syrup with codine for me and sleep. Although, I do have to get an absentee ballot for election night. I've also got to get some laundry done or A will be going to school in his underware!

Yesterday my son's 3-5th grade teacher came in. Apparently A had written her a letter for an assignment. I'm not sure exactly what he wrote to her but she said that it made her cry. She also said that he's "brilliant" and I said sure (along the lines of Garrison Kellior where all the kids are "above average") she insisted that she really thought that he was. Oh my...not sure to believe her, this coming from the woman who also thought he might have ADD.
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Yeah, I'm crashing...but I've got to finish working before I can go home and sleep. I'm glad that I don't have to work tomorrow morning (late shift 1-9p). I do have to make a number of telephone calls...such as trying to set up DSL for A (as previously promised), I've got to replace the headlight in my car, get a new spring for the dishwasher connector thingy ('cause A lost it!). I'm thinking that I want to schedule a chiropractor appointment because it's been more than 6 months since my last one.

My sister just dropped by work and visited with me. She's so funny, I thought I'd tell her about P. She's so funny because she gets jealous. Makes kinda snotty remarks but I don't let it bother me 'cause I know it's all about her jealously. I just wish she'd find her own life so she wouldn't be so judgemental about mine. :::gosh:::: I think I'm tired and therefore more sensitive to her stuff.

Happy National Coming Out Day ! Guess what? I'm a dyke !~

What I really want to do is cuddle down with someone...
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My Dad has been approved for a transplant. My sister is the best match at this point. The surgery is scheduled for Oct 31 or Nov 1. I'm going to be taking some time to care for my sister(probably my Dad too). I understand it's harder on the giver of the kidney than the one who's receiving it. As I'm not the one able to give the kidney, my sister will be, I want to show my appreciation to her by being there as she wants me to. She lives in IA. Perhaps because she's my "big" sister, I still look up to her but I just find this really an amazing gift. In no way am I ready to lose either of these very special people.
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A went off to his first day of 8th grade. I charged the batteries for the digital camera as I didn't have film in the regular camera. He was very excited to wear his shirt that read "I'm so excited to be here". This was the first year my mother didn't make sure she came over to take his picture too. I wonder if she'll realize that.

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I probably really should go to work now... I don't want to, I want to lie in bed and read. I want to have my house be completely clean without me doing any of the work. I want some sense of peace. I want to ride my bike in a cool morning. I don't want to be around people as they often disappoint me.

What do you want?


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