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 I've got a headache and heartburn. I'm going to leave work soon, miss a birthday dinner and go home straight to bed.
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 I had a really nice weekend despite the rain. When I got home from work on Friday, P was suppose to pack so we could go when I got home. She had woken up but she fell back to sleep. After we finally got packed, I thought she should go to our brand new minute clinic. She'd be having a sore throat for the last 4 days. Sure enough, she had strep. The woman running the clinic was great and she even did me free! P was convinced that the woman knew about us, frankly I didn't care it was great.

We went to bed pretty early on Friday night after putting up the tent in the dark, hanging out at the fire. I woke up pretty early just about 9am wheras the sick girl didn't wake up until after 1pm. Although, I do admit I ended up taking a 4 hour nap Saturday afternoon. P did crafts with the kids Saturday night, they did an amazing job of sitting and working on the claydough. We went to bed. It rained and I had to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I drove the car.

Sunday I went to church, I'm glad I did. It was solidarity Sunday, GLBT honoring....my ex T came out to church as ftm. Her coworker talked about her experience with her. They did REALLY well. They also had a woman who is a seminary student say a few things, she also played her guitar and sang some songs. Unfortunately or fortunately, she also sang " Be Thou My Vision" which was the song my cousins sang at my Dad's service. I had to step out bawling and my Dad's partner also came to church. I was really glad she came to know that she's not hiding away. She did say it was good for her to come.

I got back to the campground and then P and I took another brief nap in the heavy rain. We took down the tent and packed everything up. Everything was so wet.

I miss P already. Man, I got to go to sleep.


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Girlyman concert at the Fine Line
Seeing them at Pizza Luce
R leaving for Pittsburgh
People at Camp
Music at Camp
Energy at Camp
Dad stuff, again
Being sick 
The boy and his father
The cat, hopefully not gone forever.

What's coming up for next week.

When one is sick, one should sleep as much as possible. What am I doing up at this hour?

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I'm STILL sick, I thought I was getting better but than this morning I woke up and my ear seemed to be getting plugged again.

Tomorrow I have my 2nd on site interview for a local university. I feel weird that I'm going and will still be sick. My first onsite interview was with them on Dec 27th and I was really sick. My voice sounds better but I'm still coughing. I've got to do a 15 minute presentation and take Q & A for 30 minutes. After a break, I'm doing role play reference via phone and email.

Again, this weekend will be laying low. I think. P's got her appointment with a lung specialist tomorrow. She thinks she's still got pneumonia so I'm not sure what that will mean. I don't think she's ready to go back to work full time. She's exhausted when she comes home. She took a nap last night and than went to sleep at 8pm. I also went to sleep at 8pm and woke regretfully by 8am. Tonight I'm working late...won't even have the chance to sleep until after 10pm. I've got to be up by 6am.

More sick

Jan. 19th, 2007 01:16 pm
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Okay so a coworker of mine convinced me to go back to the Dr because her mom had a cold and plugged ear, the cold went away eventually but she had permanent hearing damage. Wednesday I went back to the Dr, and it turns out I have strep. More antibiotics... Yeah, I left early on Wednesday but Thursday I was suppose to staff the info desk at 9am as well as work until 9pm at the reference desk. Thankfully a coworker of mine was willing to switch it up, work late for me Thursday as I worked for her on Friday morning. I'm so glad it's Friday!

P went to the Dr yesterday, she still has pneumonia, she had to get a shot of antibiotics and had to go back for a check today. She still is not better and it's another shot of antibiotics. She's getting a nebulizer for additional treatment today and if she's still not better, it's back to the hospital for her.

Is that C-R-A-Z-Y or what? I'm so tired of being sick, on Saturday, it's been 4 weeks for me. I didn't sleep that great last night, I stayed late talking with a friend. I came home ate some dinner did somethings that I had been meaning to, then went to sleep around 9pm. My girl told me to call her when I was ready for bed but she must have fallen asleep. She then texted me around 11pm and I didn't get back to sleep until after 1am.

If I can just make it 2 1/2 more hours
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back to work, still sick and I've not gotten good sleep the last 3 nights. I sure hope that it doesn't make sick worse, but I'm sure it will.

The boy has been a pain in the butt. He didn't tell me he wasn't going to be home last Thursday after school because they had practice for his performance. I told him he was going to get a consequence and gave him the chance to come up with one for himself. He didn't and he also disputed the issue of having a consequence. First his excuse was that he *had* told me which wasn't true (he told me about Wednesday not Thursday) then he said he *forgot* but I told him that doesn't excuse him from consequences. As I'm so tired of dealing with consequences with him, I didn't know what to do. If you remember the debacle of him cleaning his room this weekend, he thought that was part of his consequences (ahh...no, normal responsiblities kiddo!) I also took his computer and decided that on Monday he was grounded (after he asked to go to his friend's house). He took it upon himself to leave to his friend's house even though I told him he was grounded. I told him that if he wasn't going to follow my rules, he could live somewhere else. (this was on the phone talking to him while he was at his friend's house). He said he needed time to think and etc. when he said he wasn't going to come home, I told him that I was going to pick him up. P had a dr appt which I was taking her to and he proved himself untrustworthy and was going to come with us. I went and picked him up and took him with. I don't think he liked it too much but what can you do? Surprisingly he wasn't *that* bad. We ended up doing a bunch of errands and got home very late because the car broke down.

The car broke down (I don't know why) and so we sat at the side of the road in 10 degree weather. Fortunately we were about 20 miles from home, my lovely sis picked us up and we sat waiting for the tow truck in her warm car. She was happy to do it as P has rescued her before when her car was towed. We haven't heard about the car yet (it was towed to a garage where I've purchased many of my cars that I've owned for the last few years, I trust them and they were just a few miles the other way).

Did I tell you I was back to work? It's workshop days and so I need to pay attention and not fall asleep, yesterday not too bad but today is hard.
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That's what I'm trying to do...I'm mostly better, a little cough and my ear is still plugged (going on 2 weeks with the plugged ear). Saturday night I did an ear candle but it didn't seem to help. I've been taking sudafed in hopes that that would help....doesn't seem to. I guess I'll just suffer through it and eventually it will clear.

Friday night we had dinner with friends, it was good to get out of the house but by the time I was driving home, I was so dragging. We stayed up a little and then went to sleep near midnight or so, slept until 3pm.

Saturday we laid low. It didn't help that my ex called at 8am saying that he wanted to switch weekends. I laugh because he told me that he wasn't going to switch weekends with me anymore. He'll do it if it's to his benefit. His reason - "real date not an alley cat". As a result of this, the boy seemed to spend the remaining weekend in his room playing on the computer. I had previously told him he needed to clean his room before he left with his Dad (Saturday at noon) but it was still not done by Sunday at noon.

Sunday, we went for coffee from 1-3 and had a great turnout (18 +/-) The boy had another chance to clean his room by the time we got back (surprise - he didn't) so I took his computer (seems that's the only way to motivate him these days). We took another nap, got up for dinner and then left to watch the L word with friends. When we got back, he had cleaned his room mostly and took the liberty of reclaiming his computer from my room. This made me none too pleased, so it's now back in my room.

Tomorrow is my last day before back to work, have to take P to the Dr, late appointment over an hour away and we're suppose to get 3-7 inches of snow tonight. I'm not sure she will be going back to work but I know I have to. We've decided to take one car and she'll return here later that night, although this could change. My goal tomorrow is to get some laundry done and be ready for work on Tuesday.

Wish me luck!
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P's still recovering from her pneumonia, we might venture out tonight for a brief dinner with friends. This is assuming that she sleeps all day so she's got the energy. I think she's feeling a little stir crazy but she really can't overdo it, which she has a tendency of doing.

I've got to get on a schedule. It's been tough and my energy isn't very high either. I go back to work on Tuesday with essentially nothing done that I had planned. My entire time off, I've been sick.

Last night the boy had a performance at his school. He's in the art's magnet program through his high school. It was really fun to watch all the performers. He was in a poly rhythm performance and an all class dance number. I was very impressed, especially since he took it on himself to do the rhythm performance~above and beyond. His father actually attended as well, he so rarely does that. My sister drove up from Iowa to attend which was great, she planned to stay at my house and visit today but I recommended she steer clear from the house of the long drawn out illness.

I did get accepted as a faculty leader for the alternative spring break program, where I would drive down to Biloxi and help out Katrina victims for the week. This is assuming that I continue my contract at my current position.

In a couple of weeks, I've got a 2nd interview with a national online university based out of Minneapolis. I'm excited because I know a number of people who work there. Not so exciting is that I have to prepare a 15 minute presentation and handle a 30 minute Q and A for about a dozen people who work there.

anyways...I'm tired, I should take a nap now....

my girl

Jan. 8th, 2007 08:29 pm
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She's in the hospital now with pneumonia. I'm getting her cpap machine parts cleaned before I bring them to her along with her other meds. I'm glad she knew enough that she needed to go back to the Dr. I sure hope she heals quickly. I'm still sick but no where as bad as she is. The boy is getting sick now too. He's also been a real pain in the butt.
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Poor P has been resting most of the day, she's got a bad fever and at one point is was heading up to 103 degrees. She took some tylenol and now it's going down. She still thinks she's going to the gala tomorrow...I think not.


Jan. 5th, 2007 11:10 am
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yeah, I'm still sick. I did eventually go in for a clinic check, got antibiotics, cough medicine with codine (which is almost gone now). My right ear is plugged now but I think I am getting better. What a horrible way to spend the break.

New Year's was miserable and my house is a mess(what's new?) I'm so tired of being sick and it's coloring everything else that I think about. P's probably getting really sick now with it too. We've had to cancel a bunch of stuff because of it and I still haven't had a chance to do those darn thank you notes for my interview a week ago! Granted the holiday (and no mail on the day for Ford) but I really need to get those out today. What am I afraid of? getting a job?

Only good thing was the overnight at the cabin. It was divine. It could have only been better by longer time and better health. We hardly slept because we were either in the hot tub, sauna, eating savory treats or lying in bed looking through the skylights at the moon.
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Wednesday night when I got home from work at 10pm, I went right to sleep. I knew I was sick and it was starting to fall in on me. I ended up mostly sleeping right through until Friday afternoon. I was hungry and would wake up to eat, pee and go back to bed. I was drinking nyquil at times but not continously. I ended up missing work for two days and only one of them gives me sick time for a total of 3 hours. Sometime during the wee hours of Saturday, I realized that I could finally breathe through my nose again!

I'm now sitting at the library while I wait for my sweetie to get done with work. I picked up a few things for christmas for family and etc. I've got more to do but we'll see how it goes. I missed dancing last night because I figured I just needed to keep it quiet for a while.

Tomorrow is church and coffee with my local crew. P and I are likely going to clean up my living room and put up the tree tonight.

I feel like I'm still trying to get my brain back.
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Oh no, I think I'm getting sick. It's really not surprising since I've been burning my candle at both ends. Sleep is important, I should consider doing it. I think I should pick up some vit C too.

It was another cold coffee and hot coffee morning. It got me through and I plan to sleep at least 6 hours which is more than I have been. I feel like I'm obsessing a little on this sleep thing.

All in all, it was a good day. I had enough time to stop at home briefly for dinner ( a PB and J sandwich) before on to my other job. I also sent A an email that has movie times and the link to the corn maze. I think he might be up for it. He's home from school for MEA (Minnesota Education Association which translates to Thursday and Friday out of school) and I know he probably spent the whole day on the computer. He does have to mow the lawn and empty the dishwasher. I should get him to clean his room too.

I can tell that it's winter, my nails are starting to break off all over the place, not that they were ever very long. I keep them short but they are good tools to scrape labels off the library books and stuff.


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