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If you like peace folk singing/song writing/guitar playing/solstice stuff come hear Sara Thomsen at the Judson Memorial Baptist Church.

December 15, 7pm, Winter Concert, Judson Memorial Baptist Church, 4101 Harriet Ave, Minneapolis

Sara's annual Twin Cities winter concert, w/ Paula Pedersen, vocalist. $10 admission at the door. Children 12  & under free.

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So the boy is off with his Dad until Sunday afternoon. He'll be back on Sunday and he'll start school back on Tuesday. He said that his favorite christmas gifts were 1) Dungeon and Dragons stuff his Dad gave hime 2) Bass guitar 3) book my sister gave him. He did get his room at the tv/computer room cleaned up FINALLY. Now I just have to get the rest of the house clean. I'm going to focus on the living room, bedroom and basement (also known as the dumping grounds). Yesterday I fixed my mom's computer, did some laundry and started cleaning my bedroom. It's going to take some time. Today I'm working but Friday I don't work and will also be cleaning. I've still got the christmas letters to address and mail out.

P's got to work on Friday at both her jobs, we still haven't decided what we're going to do for New Years. Her friend has invited us up to her cabin complete with snowmobiles but we haven't decided yet. We might just want to stay in and have a quiet new years complete with plans for the new year.

When the boy's father came and picked him up, we talked a little. He said that he thought P had a good heart. I think she does. It's very scary for me to feel all of these feelings for her. I've never been much of a worry wart, but I fear that something might happen to her. I know it's irrational. I'm just afraid that we won't have enough time together. Perhaps it's because I was watching "Sunset Story" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0368310/

Last night, I met up with P after work. I got to spend the night at her place. As the boy was gone and I had to work in town today anyways. Watched the news with her "brother".

On a lighter note, my favorite local musician has updated her website and it's wonderful! check it out!
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Got an email last night from my favorite local musician, she's playing on Saturday. I guess I've got to go! I'm so excited to hear her again. I know she's working on another CD but it probably won't be released until next spring. If anyone is interested in going with me....let me know.

Talked to E on the phone last night by accident. I understand she's staying somewhere else. R stayed out late from work visiting with M & M. Let E know that we still get to be friends and the stuff that R and her are storing in my garage is safe there and can remain there indefinately. Told her, I don't want her disappearing from my life and to take good care of Molly (her dog). I think this blind sided her, she might have expected it 3 months ago but not now.

P came over after work, I really did try to get sleep, but I'm glad I didn't. Sometimes I think my lack of sleep is muting some of my thinking. Today will be long and I really need to try to sleep, I can't go on like this too much without catching up again.


This by no means is a message to say that I don't want to be kept up all hours of the night. GRIN It just means that my sleep deprivation is affecting my ability to think clearly.


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