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I got a nice surprise when I came home, teh boy bought me a bag of fritos. He knows that I've got a personal attachment to them because I use to eat them with my Dad. He also wrote me a really nice note that reads "Mother, don't let the expectations of Mother's day tilt your judgement. I appreciate you ever day of the year". How sweet is that?
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Happy Mother's day (and I'll take Blot's lead and say to all those folks male and female who do mothering.)

I hope you have a great day. I had a delightful dinner cooked by teh boy. It was lovely. P was here and she enjoyed it too. Teh boy gave her a hug too. She's having a tough time today.
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Happy M-'s day to all you mother types too!


May. 15th, 2006 10:51 am
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Was a GREAT day! P and I woke up, resolved a few things that were hanging on our head. I worked on cleaning the bathroom some (it needed it bad, and more to clean too). P made a nice lunch. We left for coffee with the girls. This was nice, there were a couple of young girls there (by young, I mean age 3) She had recently learned how to wink and was winking at everyone. Adorable they were both shy but at the end of the time, were walking around holding hands. too cute.

Coming home, my boy was home from his Dad's and sleeping. It's so often the case when he comes back from his Dad's and crashes for 2-3 hours. His Dad claims to make sure that he's going to bed at a reasonable hour but perhaps it's the transition. I figure it's not my place to really say anything and let him sleep. Funny thing was, both P and I ended up napping too. I woke up and started dinner and when it was done, woke up the rest of the house. A brought out my mother's day gift. I didn't expect him to do anything but was pleasantly surprised. He had a card, rainbow chocolate mints, Coleman campfire sandwich maker and a comedy CD. This comedy CD was really something I think he wanted. I liked that he bought something he liked so he could share it with me.  I thanked A and it almost seemed that he was tearing up. I know that he's a sensitive boy and I love him for it. Afterwards,  P started making popcorn balls and A played the CD. I didn't really like it, it was sexist, racist, homophobic, antisemetic, classist stuff that was full of language that I'd rather not listen to around my son. I only made a couple of comments. We all helped form the popcorn balls once they were ready to make. This was fun, I think we all enjoyed it.

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My sister (the one who can be really mean) ended up having her car towed. She works downtown (hour away) and she tried to call both parents but she wasn't able to get a hold of either of them. After she called me, I offered to go pick her up and take her to the impound lot. I think she was surprised that I was willing to do that for her. After I told P about it, she offered to do it. I'd be totally up for it and okay doing it but I've only had an hour of sleep since yesterday.

It also means that P's on her way here....Grin

The boy took off to go be with a friend for a couple of hours. He's going to his Dad's tomorrow and will be back on Sunday afternoon. I don't think he's going to do anything for mom's day, I don't expect it but sometimes I feel taken for granted. I sent my own mother an email greeting.

I'm not sure what the weekend will bring other than I'm going to coffee with the girls on Sunday afternoon.

I'm also feeling pretty good because I've only got 4 more days of work until I've got 2 months off! I've got a plan to get on track with things, let's hope I can do it.


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