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This is my weekend

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I never have enough time.

Good Lord, is this a long post or WHAT!!! Read it at your own risk !!!

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Good weekend but gosh we sure push it! After work on Friday, we took quick naps before going into town to visit a friend whom I hadn't seen in a couple of months. She was tired but I was so happy to see her. We then had to wake up on Saturday morning because both of us had to go to work. After work, home again for another quick nap before we went dancing. Some of the folks I expected to see where not there, pout. Apparently we had tornado warnings in my area, I didn't discover that until I read the email from R. It was fun dancing, I was happy to see A, whom I haven't seen in a while. We didn't have a chance to say more than "Hi" good to see her but I like to know more about how she's doing (hint, hint, if you're reading this).

We got home and actually went to sleep! Church in the morning and it was good. Terry Gips spoke on sustainability, he's preaching to the choir as far as I'm concerned but it was good to hear. He did bring up some work by Manfred Max-Nee who did research on sustainability and how we could meet everyone in the world's 10 basic needs if we just worked at it. I'm currently researching that to find out what the 10 basic needs are. I found it interesting.

We also had a really great musical group that my friend R found, called Singleton Street. The woman singer just seemed to be very joyful and she radiated that joy. I loved it!

T, my ex was at church. It was the first time that she met P. I know that she had a hard time with it but I'm glad it's finally out of the way. I thought T did pretty good because she didn't run away like I thought she might. I was a little surprised at how nervous P was...she has nothing to worry about.

We've got coffee to go to later with my local area group and then we're going to bed early 'cause the girl has to go to work early. She's got a busy day.

edit: okay I found out what Mr. Max-Nee's 10 basic needs are, from http://www.mtn.org/iasa/tgmaxneef.html

"nine basic human needs: subsistence, protection/security, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity/meaning and freedom. He believes there may be a tenth, transcendence, but is not sure that it is universal (I would suggest it is)."


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