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June 1 closing date!

For all the new folks, Welcome!!!!  I'm purchasing a short sale townhouse across from the college where I work. The price 30k, and it will save me gas, car wear and tear, nearly 2 hours a day commute. It's going to be a little strange to feel so indulgent but I can afford, I'm keeping my "country house" and will be in the city during the week. Also who knows what else I will be doing in the future? I'm going to practice asking my friends for help so that I can pull up carpet, put in laminate wood floors, paint and etc. It's only sorta freaking me out. I'm so not use to making decisions for me without being concerned about anyone else's needs. I know that I've kept my needs small as a way to try and manage my unmet needs, yikes (just realizing this). You know that connection to needs, apparent I've done something to short circuit them...if you don't have needs, when people don't ever meet them, you'll still be okay. Ugh, something to look at. This is why I need to take care of myself without any restrictions put on me by others or by me. I need to figure out how to break that short circuit and connect with my needs again. 
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My dear LJ friends....What have been some of your adventures that you've been on that you have enjoyed? I'm going on adventures but I'm curious about yours. I'm doing this to find myself...I think I've lost me. What are my preferences and what do I want to do? I like what I'm coming up with but I don't even know what's possible.
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This weekend included re-arranging my bedroom. I've got some things to sort but I can't even believe it's done. I normally keep everything in the same place because I don't care too much about aesthetics and my surroundings. The vacuum really had a work out, I think I had to empty it more than 3 times. I've got the inspection report on the townhouse, a little more work than I thought but I think I can make it happen. After I close on it, I'm going to have an open house and make a list of things I'm asking for help on the townhouse. It will be hard for me to ask for that help but it will be a good step for me. I've got lots of people asking to help and I don't know how to choose, it's overwhelming for me. 

no parade due to weather which is ok, didn't meet R but that's ok too.

Dinner with my Dad's partner. Tomorrow is off so I'll have to see what kind of trouble I can get into. 4 days left of work before summer schedule. I really liked having Friday and Monday off as a slow slide into it.

I'll be helping my mom move way up north in about 10 days. She dropped some stuff off at my house that I will enjoy using at the townhouse. I need to start coming up with a list of things I'll need at the townhouse.
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I got the call about my townhouse, my offer was accepted by the bank and I should have to close within the month. The inspection will be done within the next 3 business days. I know that I'm going to need new flooring and paint. I also know there's some work that is needed in the bathroom. I can't even imagine living this close to work. I really needed this up beat stuff right now!
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Teh boy was tired yesterday afternoon and decided to take a nap. Unfortunately this led to him being wide awake when I went to bed last night (midnight). He decided he was going to go for a drive. I received a telephone call at 3am from him because his car died. Once it died, he attempted to turn around (why, I don't even know) therefore he was half on the road and half off heading into a ditch. My mother (who gave him the car) said that this car will periodically not start. If you let it sit for a couple of hours or so, it will start right up. First I had to figure out where teh boy and car were located (thanks Ipad and map) and once I found them we attempted to at least push the car back up on the road (no luck). At that point, I was too tired and just wanted it dealt with. I called AAA and once they came, we were going to have him tow it to our mechanic. He pulled it up on the road (I could have done that with my truck and a chain I have) and then it "...started right up". I was annoyed and very tired. We both got back home safely(4:30am) and I tried to sleep which really only seemed to work once my alarm went off(5:45am). I had to get up early because I'm in charge of opening the library today (AND I was ON TIME).

edit to add: I should note that teh boy (and I suppose me too) was really good about the whole thing. He was genuinely apologetic for what he had to do. We talked about how to prevent this in the future 1) don't try to turn your car around when it's not running 2) if you want to go driving at night, take my truck...it's more reliable. It's funny because the tow truck guy thought he had been "partying" which would be an easy assumption based on how the car was half in the ditch. My boy is too much of an old man to do that...at least so far (it could and I expect and hope it will change at some point).
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Today we're going to go start to deal with my Dad's stuff some more (it won't be finished, likely need at least 4 more tries at this). I'm going to make sure I drink enough water to stay hydrated. Tomorrow is the cabin but I have yet to know if the sisters are going for a day or an overnight. Thursday they are all going to go see the dead sea scrolls at the science museum. It will also be R's birthday. Friday would have been teh boy's graduation but that's not happening til next month.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 09:33 am
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I just connected with a couple of folks that I knew "from the old house" growing up. I've realized that was over 30 years ago. I bet it was super strange for some of them!
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I woke up to sirens in my neighborhood, someone's house is on fire!


Jul. 1st, 2009 01:24 am
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We've been cleaning for a couple of days. My garbage and recycling cans are overflowing and it feels good.

There is still plenty to go but we'll get there. My dream is to be able to park my truck and the camper in the garage.

We did decide we're not going camping with the girls and Saturday we'll be doing the St. Paul Gangster cave tour and Sunday we'll be doing the segway tour along the Mississippi river in Minneapolis. We've been productive and will have fun on our staycation.

My back has had a crick in it and my arm has been sore. I'm happy to say I've got a chiropractor appointment tomorrow.

Teh boy drove in the dark for the first time tonight. He's finally getting a little more relaxed with driving. He's gonna have some friends over to play D & D tomorrow. We ran to the store to buy snacks. It's a little more difficult as one of his buddies is vegan.

life is definitely feeling better for me, thanks for all your support and kind words.

Good day

Jun. 25th, 2009 02:24 pm
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Yesterday I got an email that included teh boy's ACT scores. I was expecting him to do pretty well because I know how smart he is even if he doesn't work to his potential. He wasn't feeling it very good about the test. His composite score was in the 80th percentile nationally which means he will likely be able to attend the community college where I work next year for his senior year of high school. I'm so happy for him.

To celebrate, P and I ran to the store for steaks (and lower fat chicken for me) sweet corn, potatoes and salad (with feta, blueberries and strawberries). P even suggested inviting teh boy's father over. This was such a good idea because of the tension between them, it provided an opportunity for them to get past it. P suggested both the celebration dinner and inviting the father, what a wonderful woman. I've been really loving on her lately.

His Dad was a little nervous about coming but he did come(his stupid pride and depression) and I was very happy. He wasn't too negative about his job loss, that he doesn't feel good or etc. Teh boy and his father got along very well. P had teh boy make his Dad's steak and then his Dad realized he wanted to be there to watch him cook it so he cam down and watched. I made the salad and boiled the corn.

After the great dinner, teh boys cleaned the table (and put the dishes in the sink where teh boy will load the dishwasher). We played wii bowling which teh boy's father had never done and it was fun. It was great for everyone. The depressed father had a good day and reconnected with his son, the son had a good time and was happy with his family, P has been feeling better and was motivated by her appreciation of her partner to cook/grill for her and I was happy that everyone was happy.
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P was put on thyroid medication today. She was sad that she has to take more medication but I'm hoping she will feel better after it kicks in.

I broke down and purchased a new camera today. I've lost my other camera. The last time I saw it was in March during our Seattle trip. I could have sworn I had it when I came back but don't really know where it went. It's possible I didn't bring it back but it could have also been taken from me at work, my car or something like that.

Yesterday we went to the zoo with my sisters, mom, Dad's partner and teh boy. I was glad teh boy got out of the house but he got cranky after we stayed until it closed (6pm). He's like "I knew this would happen" which I'm not sure what that meant.

Tomorrow me and teh boy are going to the dentist.
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Today I cleaned out the camper from top to bottom. It was really nice to get it all ready to go for the weekend. I'm glad I paid that much attention to it because I realized that tabs were due on it. I'm not sure where the paperwork went so I just took a picture of the license so I could they could look it up. It worked out perfect.

I'm really looking forward to camping. I really can't wait.

Today I decided to try and put up the new blinds in my bedroom. The existing blinds are old and faded which normally I wouldn't care but the darn cats have broken off a couple of the ends of them and the hole lets sun come right in and shine on me when I'm sleeping in the morning. I took off the old blinds and realized the new ones aren't gonna work. Now I have nothing on my windows. I'm SO frustrated, it makes me want to scream! I already took them back and they don't have a solution for me at the local store. I'm gonna have to run into the cities for a extension bracket and then buy wider (read as more $$$)blinds. I really just wish I could put up some big black thing that will block out all the sun when I'm sleeping but when I am awake, I want the sun in.

ARGH, I suppose I'm going to go to sleep because right now I'm too lazy to tack up a sheet and I know they sun will wake me up early tomorrow morning.

I'm also bummed because I was going to go see P tonight but she had a bad day and has to go to work early so she's not up for it.

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I couldn't sleep at all last night. I was tossing and turning.***

I'm gonna have some coffee this morning!

***This is not an April fools!
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Quick note to say I'm back. I plan on posting more later. I had a really good vacation. Sadly P who flew with a different airline stand by got stuck in Salt Lake City. She should be home very soon. I also got back to learn that I forgot to pay my car insurance and I was almost canceled, Oops! I took care of that and pretty quick I'll be doing the rest of my bills for the month.
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Taxes are done and I'm getting a pretty good refund. I do have to pay the state. I had this last year. I could rectify some of this by having the withholding on one of the payouts of my Dad's inheritance checks but I'd still see a refund for at least as long as the boy is my dependent.

I stayed up WAY too late talking with my friend R. I miss her. I wish she would move back to MN.

Today is a long day at work, I'm getting there at 9am and will be there until after 7(I think I forget). I've got to teach(remember Monday, the instructor never showed up, she had her dates wrong).
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YEAH, it wasn't bad when I went home. The other librarian convinced me to go. I think he didn't realize that even though I live 30 miles from campus, I'm use to driving in all kinds of weather in my little car. I guess I was okay leaving anyways. I did take some work home. I also ran some errands on my way.

I'm glad I didn't have to go home during rush hour.

I stayed up entirely too late, watching stupid tv, downloading loads of pictures from my online account which is apparently on it's way out(expiring).

This weekend, we're going to Bob and Scooter's... I mean Dave and Buster's to get out of the house with friends. That's the only thing planned. I've got to start organizing stuff for my trip to Seattle in March for the conference.

Yeah, so nothing very exciting happening here....it's okay.
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Teh boy is going home early from school today. I wish I was... it's my late night too so I'm likely not going home until after 7pm. Unless I leave early...which I just might.

Last week

Jan. 12th, 2009 11:26 am
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Last week I met up with [livejournal.com profile] mplsindygirl for dinner at The Vegetarian.    It was really very lovely. I know sometimes I don't always like to go out before or afterwork when the weather is as it is....it's the homebody in me, work and then go home. I had a really lovely time. The restaurant was great, not too busy but it should! The food was great and we shared our meals and desserts too! If you're in the area and like vegan/vegetarian food you should check it out!

This weekend P and I went to her cousin's house to attend a family birthday and Sunday was our couples group. That was pretty much it, P doesn't have the energy to do much of anything these days and I'm okay with that. Next weekend we have a work friend's birthday party and Sunday she's gonna get together with our friends to do craft day. She really needs to take some time off of work and catch up on her life. At our couples' group we talked about finance and etc. We had some good conversations about taking our relationship to the next level financially wise anyways. I do have some concern since I feel a little vunerable about that but changing a bene on my life insurance isn't too bad. Teh boy would still be listed there for 75% of my life insurance.

One of these weekends soon we're going to go to the Art Shanty project with my Dad's partner and likely my sister, hopefully my son. My Dad would have loved it. Anyone who is familiar with this have any tips for us? Do we have to dress like we'll be outdoors the entire time?

Today is the first day of classes for the new semester. My second semester here. The other librarian is sick today. I've take one sick day so far and he's taken like um...4-5. He believes that they are like vacation days since we don't get them. I think I'll wait until I'm no longer a probationary employee to be so liberal with that.


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