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 Okay...so seems like a bunch of things have happened, P's dad thought he was having some kidney problems thankfully its just two cracked ribs from his fall. Last night I had to go to a meeting with the boy as he's going to Europe in June and they are having some planning meetings. It's pretty uplifting to see him excited about something like this.

On other bad news, I am no longer being considered for one of the positions I applied for, it's the one I had the telephone interview for. FINE, I didn't want to work there anyways! Who cares if I never get another stupid job in a stupid library again! Who cares if I wasted 18K+ on a stupid degree that I won't ever get to use. piss off everybody...

Sounds like I'm angry but really I'm not, I'm really feeling more apathic than anything.

I did realize what I want though...

I want to go to a motel for the weekend, one that won't have too many people at it. I want to swim in the pool, relax in the sauna and soak in the hot tub. I want fresh healthy food brought to me and lotion for my dry dry skin. Maybe read, watch a movie, cuddle with my sweetie, sleep in and then I want to come home to my bathroom repaired and I don't care what it will look like (tile or surround).
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 yep, interview next week. This weekend will be designated "car day Saturday" where I hope to clean out both cars (I live in my cars so they are often full of crap), change the long over due oil in the red car and get new tires (2) put on the white car. Sunday I hope to FINALLY make it to church and have coffee on Sunday at a new coffee shop in my town.

I also want to hide under the covers and cuddle with my girl for an extended period of time.
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Yeah, so this is my last few days on my contract for work, I know I'm out of sorts because of it. Poor P's had to deal with me being a little less than stellar about my current job prospects.

But, I'm going on vacation and it looks like we're going to leave Friday night. P took off two days of work and has been gearing up. I've been working and trying to get ready. Unfortunately, all that amounted to was research for the trip and laundry. I am excited by like I said, the job thing has me bummed.

At this point, I might be jobless when I return and who knows if they will ask me back for fall. I'm hoping and all signs point to yes but I don't count my eggs before their hatched. I should just accept and ENJOY the balance of my summer instead of freaking out.

Tonight I'll take my little fridge home with me and tomorrow will be spend cleaning out my office, turning in my keys and etc. I've got to remember to pick up a jumpdrive to add everything from my computer on to it.

Yesterday the boy and I went to dinner and practicing driving. We went to a local bar and grill to have their Wednesday night specials, 8oz sirloin for $8. Yum After that we drove to my mom's house because now that he's done the parking lot, I thought he might try the driveway. It's what I did and the drive way is 1/4 mile long curvy and up a hill. Since he's got to learn on a manual transmission, I think stopping on a hill and getting off is the best way to learn. We did that once but it's hard to turn around so after that, we drove down the road (which use to be dirt and was recently paved for the new multimillion dollar houses going up in the area). The speed limit is 45, most people go 55 but he didn't want to go faster than 40. We drove to my high school and back. I was very proud of him, he's doing a good job.

Now I'm going to have pie before I have to sit at the desk.
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I had to work late last night, with about an hour left for my shift, I decided that I better prepare for my interview that was today at 8am. The challenge is that it's for a school that is 60 miles (one way) for a one year temp position. Advantages are that it's only 5 miles from P's house. I really liked the campus as it's pretty secluded. They have a larger population of non-trad and ESL students which is appealing to me. The other nice thing is that I would be able to learn some skills other than reference. Apparently all librarians learn everything because you're often on alone (with student worker help).  I think I would enjoy it, continue to expand the people that I know in the library community and maintain my faculty status. If I stayed at P's house twice a week, the mileage would actually be shorter. The boy is 15, I wonder if it would be okay to leave him home alone so regularly?

I should probably just wait and see, perhaps they won't even offer it to me, but I felt it went well.  I'm still waiting for my current job to offer me something more too. 

So last night I worked until 9pm, stayed until 10pm preparing and then was home by 11pm. I finally fell asleep sometime near midnight and was up by 5am to leave the house by 6am (I wasn't sure about the traffic). P printed my handout that I created for the interview and so we met up at the parking lot of CVS. After the interview, I drove to work and have to be at the desk until 4pm. Driving home to P and then we're going to the Pride Art show opening with her son R.

Tomorrow we will be hosting our couple's group at my mom's house and then (maybe) going to P's Aunt's birthday party.

Sunday is dad's day and he will be coming to Buffalo for a picnic lunch and time by the lake.

The boy had his first behind the wheel hour today. He almost had to miss it because he couldn't find his wallet that had his permit in it. It took him at least an hour before he discovered it underneath the chair by his computer. He'll be going to his Dad's this weekend, back on Sunday probably in time to celebrate Dad's day with my Dad.
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I know that when I'm dealing with stress, I tend to isolate myself. The boy and I had a pretty decent conversation yesterday as I was driving home from work. He will be going camping with us (only because he couldn't find anywhere else to go). He did do enough work that I'm letting him go play DD with his friends and we'll pick him up on the way out of town.

I still want to vacation without him. I don't think that's too bad. His father really should be parenting him more anyways! I've essentially raised him for 10 years by myself (except for about 30-60 days a year when he was visiting his Dad). He hasn't ever takening him for more than a weekend except for a few extra days around Christmas.

P and I also dreamed that when he's independent, we could travel to various parts of the country and work for a couple of years in that location and than move to another one. She's got a job that is in demand and very specialized and I think I might be able to get a job in a location different than here. Hawaii might have jobs for us both! GRIN After that, maybe somewhere in northern AZ or the NW...we'll see, how fun to dream!

Camping this weekend will be fun. I'm looking forward to it. Although we'll have to leave to go watch P's son graduate. It's weird because his Dad won't be attending...'cause he has to work. I would think this would be something you'd want to celebrate.
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yeah, so I found out that I didn't get that job. It's nice they let me know and gave me some feedback. I need a little work on my presentation skills. I appreciated that they gave me the feedback. Bittersweet? I don't know. Now I know that I'll be going to Biloxi for sure and I can focus on my remaining time at my current job. They finally posted the positions here so I'll be putting together my application for them. There are 4 openings at the job that I'm currently doing.

It's been a very busy week. Monday night was the Biloxi meeting and I got home by 11pm - asleep by 11:30. 

Tuesday I drove to S St Paul to pick up P to bring her to my house which was like 200 miles that day. She's been having trouble with her car stalling and I thought I'd lend her my other car so she could get to work without relying on other folks. As we left her house we had to stop at Target and pick up the boy a graphing calculator and as we left the parking lot, we heard a clunking noise, yes it was a flat tire. I called the auto service and thankfully they were there within 30 minutes. I had to drive home on the doughnut tire (aren't you only suppose to go like 50 miles on one of them? ) yeah, well we made it. I think I was in bed by 11:30

Wednesday the boy woke up late and I had to drive him to school, since he's had problems like that recently I thought that I'd charge him $3 because of my inconvience. He didn't like it but I haven't liked how he's not doing anything around the house as he should. I told him I was going on strike!  I drove to the only tire store that I know is up at 8am, you know the place they also do oil changes at the store that must not be named. They didn't have my tire size in stock so we called over to the next town, no dice. Unfortunately my car requires specially ordered tires P165/70R13 well, I couldn't very well drive another 50 miles on my doughnut and they said I could put on P165/80R13 tires on and it would be okay. I was a little worried about this but did double check with another mechanic and it *should* be fine. I was only 90 minutes late for work.

And Wednesday was going to be another late night. Cindy Sheehan (mother of a Iraq soilder who was killed and she staged a sit in at Crawford, TX waiting to speak to the president) came and spoke on campus. She did a great job and true to form was very motherly in what she had to say. I wasn't surprised that there was a small distruption from disagreeing folks but for the most part everyone was very respectful. She did a lot of comparing of the Iraq war to Vietnam and it occured to me that P might have some memories of Vietnam. She agreed to talk with me about it sometime. I admit that I'm a big ole softie and I still emotionally don't understand war, the costs are too expensive to humanity. I admit I don't think rationally about it because I can only see the individual families on both side's pain.  It was very inspiring and I was glad I stayed late. Of course, that was not all! Additionally, that same night and directly following Cindy Sheehan was an amazing woman from Kenya, Wangari Maathai. see http://greenbeltmovement.org for more information. She won the 2004 nobel peace prize for her work in enviromentalism with regards to sustainable living for kenyan women. First woman in central and east Africa to earn a doctorate degree. Her speech was very positive. Perhaps it's the melodious sound of the kenyan accent but I could listen to her all day, she also had a great sense of timing in her humor. I was in bed by 11:30.

Thursday I was very happy to be able to sleep in (8:30) because Thursdays are my late night. I did have to get up and go to my chiropractor and that was wonderful as he repaired a sore arm. He practices applied kinesiology which is pretty nontraditional stuff but it appears to work for me. Unfortunately, I still can't eat peanuts!  When I got to work, I went to listen to a speaker by the name of Teo Yother who is a F2M transgendered man. It was excellent and I enjoyed it very much. There are more than 2 transgendered people in my life whom I care about and I always want to support them and other people's understanding. He was very personable and I enjoyed what he had to say.  Again, Thursdays are my late night, had to stop for a few groceries (since I can't have peanuts and in the past my breakfast was always peanut butter toast - I bought sunbutter (sunflower butter) and it's GOOD!)  and I was in bed by 11:30.

Today is Friday, I was just a few minutes late to work and our offices close at 4pm so with any luck I'll be home by 5pm. There's lots to do at home, work on the basement room, cleaning and etc. Trying to get the boy to lift his fingers to do anything towards the house. I'm hoping we can finish painting the basement floor and I can buy some new jeans. My last pair got paint on them last weekend. I'll be able to use those when I go to Biloxi. Oh, yeah, and Saturday night will be a slumber party with friends, who knows if we'll sleep over but games, jammies, pizza and smoothies.
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P's still recovering from her pneumonia, we might venture out tonight for a brief dinner with friends. This is assuming that she sleeps all day so she's got the energy. I think she's feeling a little stir crazy but she really can't overdo it, which she has a tendency of doing.

I've got to get on a schedule. It's been tough and my energy isn't very high either. I go back to work on Tuesday with essentially nothing done that I had planned. My entire time off, I've been sick.

Last night the boy had a performance at his school. He's in the art's magnet program through his high school. It was really fun to watch all the performers. He was in a poly rhythm performance and an all class dance number. I was very impressed, especially since he took it on himself to do the rhythm performance~above and beyond. His father actually attended as well, he so rarely does that. My sister drove up from Iowa to attend which was great, she planned to stay at my house and visit today but I recommended she steer clear from the house of the long drawn out illness.

I did get accepted as a faculty leader for the alternative spring break program, where I would drive down to Biloxi and help out Katrina victims for the week. This is assuming that I continue my contract at my current position.

In a couple of weeks, I've got a 2nd interview with a national online university based out of Minneapolis. I'm excited because I know a number of people who work there. Not so exciting is that I have to prepare a 15 minute presentation and handle a 30 minute Q and A for about a dozen people who work there.

anyways...I'm tired, I should take a nap now....
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Woot! I've got a phone interview for a local University! I'm pretty excited. I already know someone who's working there.

Also, I've still got the sore throat, it was worse this morning. Let's hope it goes away!
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Last week was more vacation. We also went camping in southwestern MN. The boy made arrangements to sleepover at a friend's house because he was all vacationed out. Camping was ok because my little sister got annoying. Mom was her usual over controlling with a smile self...didn't get enough time with Anj but I was okay with how it went.

Back to school, car transmission is having problems and waiting for repairs...expensive I'm sure. I've been borrowing my mom's 2nd car but the muffler went out yesterday. My WONDERFUL mechanic has given me a loaner for now.

The boy had his HIGH SCHOOL (!!!) open house last night. He will be attending the arts magnent school program within the high school. He's very excited and that makes me happy. I don't think I was ever that excited about school.

Work is back in session, I'm hoping to make myself indispensible and hoping for more contracts. Spoke to someone who was a fixed term professor for 20+ YEARS!!!

We're going to go see "Body Worlds" this weekend but otherwise hopefully lay low.

And now...I'm going to go crash, I am one sleepy girl!

job offer

Aug. 17th, 2006 08:54 pm
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Has been made and the hours aren't as bad as I thought. This may work out!
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Yesterday I had my sectional delivered, it went well despite the fact that it had snowed the night before. I was out shoveling when they pulled up and backed right into the driveway. They were on time and I didn't even need J's help in the event I had to leave before they got there. The oreos that I was going to reward J with, went to the delivery guys for their hard work (they shoveled a path to the front door).

This weekend is a GLBT film festival on Friday and Saturday night that I will be attending, hopefully both nights. Other things on the agenda include laundry, vacation planning-reservations and cleaning.
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It's been a while since I've posted much more than memes. It seems so dumb to say that I've been busy...cause is that just an excuse? Sis seems to be mostly recovered from donating her kidney, she started her new job on Dec 1st. Today is her birthday. My Dad still seems to be working through the tiredness, he's still going to the clinic 3x a week for tests. I fear that P (his partner) is rather negative which IMHO can affect recovery. Understandably, she's also had to go through this plus the loss of her mother this year.

If you really want to read more )

I really love Mondays because it's my day to catch up. I've got a resume I've got to finish and drop off, a boy's hair cut to get done, work a little bit, a band concert to attend and ideally, a nap to take. I should also do some laundry...but again, time has a funny way of running out on me. Now, I'm sleepy so I think I'll take my nap now. grin!


Aug. 19th, 2005 10:04 am
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I got a letter back from the job I interviewed at, I also got another letter from another place that I applied for. I'm getting discouraged, I feel like I'm going to be working part time and temp for the rest of my frickin' life. When I get like this, I feel slightly self destructive and start thinking more basely...like wishing I had some kind of distraction, like a friend with benefits. The problem with that, one person whom I don't think would mind, is not someone I'm wanting to sleep with..and I wouldn't want to hurt her or take advantage of her. The other problem is that I don't think I'd stay in that place where I'm thinking that way, I'd eventually come to and feel bad about how I behaved or worse yet, start thinking that it could turn into something more...which isn't right, because I'd be a little less discriminating in my choices. What do other people do when they are like this? Is this where people get drunk and do things they regret? Perhaps I should drink? I don't know that there's anything that I would really like enough to get really drunk on... And then their is safety issues with being drunk. It's so hard when I have these conversations with myself, where I'm thinking in my best person(and rational) and arguing with my base person(who doesn't give a damn).


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