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I've got wasps (I think) nesting in my siding. I don't know what to do to get rid of them. I see hundreds of them flying under there, I tried to spray some wasp killer to get rid of them but it didn't work.
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Today I cleaned out the camper from top to bottom. It was really nice to get it all ready to go for the weekend. I'm glad I paid that much attention to it because I realized that tabs were due on it. I'm not sure where the paperwork went so I just took a picture of the license so I could they could look it up. It worked out perfect.

I'm really looking forward to camping. I really can't wait.

Today I decided to try and put up the new blinds in my bedroom. The existing blinds are old and faded which normally I wouldn't care but the darn cats have broken off a couple of the ends of them and the hole lets sun come right in and shine on me when I'm sleeping in the morning. I took off the old blinds and realized the new ones aren't gonna work. Now I have nothing on my windows. I'm SO frustrated, it makes me want to scream! I already took them back and they don't have a solution for me at the local store. I'm gonna have to run into the cities for a extension bracket and then buy wider (read as more $$$)blinds. I really just wish I could put up some big black thing that will block out all the sun when I'm sleeping but when I am awake, I want the sun in.

ARGH, I suppose I'm going to go to sleep because right now I'm too lazy to tack up a sheet and I know they sun will wake me up early tomorrow morning.

I'm also bummed because I was going to go see P tonight but she had a bad day and has to go to work early so she's not up for it.

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 Tuesday wasn't a good day. More fever and chills despite the outside temp of 80, I was huddle up in my down comforter with my heating pad trying to warm up. Ibuprophin does wonders against this. This morning I was even able to mow the lawn. Teh boy comes home Thursday night and I'm sure he won't want to mow the lawn first thing when he gets home. It really needed it and I felt good doing it. The doc confirmed that my UTI still remains so I've got ANOTHER round of antibiotics and they're going to culture my "sample".  If I'm lucky, this current one will knock it out or I'll have to be on round 4!

Tomorrow (really it's today since it's so late) I'll be kicking around P's house until it's time to go pick up the boy. I'm excited about his return and to hear his stories.

This weekend we were going to go camping again but a wedding and a recent invite for vistors at my house requires some deep cleaning! Not so fun to spend the weekend plus week cleaning. I sure hope I feel better.
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I've  got reservations at my retreat center for 2 weeks from this weekend. One week from today I've got an appointment with a life coach.  This weekend we've got our couples group on Sunday (I think) but that's the only thing scheduled. I'm trying to get someone to come take out my old well pump but so far no luck.

Oooh...I just called a 2nd guy who might be able to do it cheaper than the first guy. He also explained the process a little more so now we can resume work on the bathroom. Yippee

I'm considering taking this training:

The Bodhisattva Peace Training, developed by Tibetan meditation master H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche makes accessible to people of all religions and walks of life profound methods of the Buddhist tradition for awakening the positive qualities of wisdom and compassion- the basis of positive change.  This 2 1/2 day training is intended to help participants learn methods for increasing their capacity to help others and work toward the end of suffering, including that caused by environmental degradation, conflict in the work place and larger society.  

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 Today is my "late day" at work. This means I don't have to be there until lunch but I have to stay until 9pm.  I had all these thoughts of all that I could do but I was exhausted and didn't. P is still sick but I think she plans on going to work tonight. She's also going to be driving the paperwork (which I had to retrieve from my sister) to my Dad's partner as she will be going to the land to get notarized signatures from the other landowners so once I can legally act as my father's executor, we can get the electricity installed (hopefully before Nov 1 or we'll have to dig the trench ourselves).

I  also picked up my necklace from the jeweler. My Dad had given me a necklace when I was like 18 or so that has the tree of life or other similar looking tree. He liked it so much he got one too. I've pretty much worn it continously since then. When he died, I asked if I could have his. The chain that I wear with it needed a more heavy duty clasp so I dropped it off to have a lobster claw clasp put on instead. It's back and looks pretty good but weighs heavy with sadness on my heart now. I'm glad to have it but it brings back the reality of what happened.

I also had to call the well guy who will be installing the well soon. The paint guy to let him know what we've agreed upon for sealing the wood. My Dad was going to be doing it so now because we don't have the ability to do it, we're hiring it out. So far, all the folks that we've been working with have been very nice and understanding of the situation.

Now I'm going to run to move my car.
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This week has been slow and it doesn't help that I end up doing very little. I should be doing all sorts of stuff but I'm just not.

I'm also sleeping a crazy schedule and mostly not sleeping (or sleeping weird hours) so I'm tired too. Yesterday I got home and went to sleep about 6pm and slept until 9pm when I got up and didn't go back to sleep until 2am which I slept until 6am. 

Tomorrow is my last day of work for two weeks. I've got to get my basement presentable because I'm getting quotes for a new furnace next week and hopefully installation the following week.
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I haven't posted anything really on here lately. Returning from my trip and wrapping up all the loose ends plus other work stuff has kept me busy. P and I have been working through more stuff and have been so busy lately.  We just have one more coat of paint on three of the walls and then the finishing that my friend E will be doing. We also did invite people to watch movies on Saturday which means we've got to CLEAN the rest of the house. I'm okay skipping our bedrooms, office but the kitchen, bathroom, living room and space to get to the tv room should be in better shape. We'll be working on that tonight and tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I will be attending the birthday party for my ex-husband that my mother and my son(based on her encouragement) will be having. My mother is buying everyone's lunch (yeah!) and then on to bowling than back to my sister's house for "cake" and there might be a movie after that. My question is: Why do they do none of that when it's my birthday? Actually, it's really not that big of a deal to me, last birthday I was on vacation anyways. I'm so past birthday parties mostly. I spoke to my ex-husband a few weeks ago and he felt like it was a pity or charity birthday party. I'm so glad I'm not him!

Sunday we'll be going to church and later to the finale of the L word at B and J's house. I'm planning nothing else this weekend because things get too busy. 

The following weekend, so far, just church and maybe movies on Sunday night. Easter weekend, the boy will be with his father and I'm staying home even though my mom and sister are going to visit the other sister in Iowa (I just want to slow down a bit).  The following week will be crazy with a leadership institute and a weekend gathering with friends.

I finally got my taxes done. I was so pleasantly surprised because I thought for sure I'd have to pay in. I even changed my deductions at the end of the year to take more. I'm getting a nice refund which will go towards adding a 2nd bathroom to my house in the basement. I hope I'll have enough. P wants to have a really nice bath (whirpool?). We'll see how expensive it will be...


Feb. 22nd, 2007 12:16 pm
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Last week I called my local electric coop and left a message inquiring on the radiant floor heat. I've been considering installing it in one or two of my basement rooms. In Minnesota winter, I think it would: 1) make the room more useable 2) feel good 3) increase the value of the house 4) increase the saleability of the house

I have no idea of how much it will cost...I was kinda hoping less than $1000, yeah, I know keep dreaming...I'm cheap you know!

I called him again today on my way to the gym and did get a hold of him. They have three options, 1) using hot water tubing under cement ~ yeah, probably not 2) wire under thin layer of cement only used with tile flooring(added expense) aprox $2200 for my less than 300 sq ft room 3) easier to install (perhaps do it yourself) that would double cost and I could cover it with just about anything including carpet but double the option #2

Intially I thought, no way...although I'm aware they have financing options so I'm having him look into it. I believe that I'm going to be living here for at least 3 more years. I have no idea what my job outlook is but I expect that I should be okay to at least maintain minimal living levels even if I do have to change careers AGAIN.

So what do you think? Should I do it?
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yeah, came home last night, got something to eat and realized that my house was 61 degrees. Great...just great. The furnace is going out. I tried to relight the pilot but it didn't go. Tried it a 2nd time and it did but it would not light the rest of the furnace. Thankfully, I've got the maint. plan from the gas company. I call them and they tell me that they will put me on the emergency list (just below the gas leak folks) but it could be after midnight. 5 minutes later the guy calls and tells me he's in the town 10 minutes to the north and he'll be here in about 20. He comes and fixes it which is great because I just wanted to be able to end this day and go to sleep. Of course, I don't, I stay up and watch TV until about 11:15. UGH, why do I do that to myself?

I still will likely have to get a new furnance in the next year or so. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on that?
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Especially since all the natural gas has to be turned off in my entire town. For some reason the gas pressure has dropped so the local gas company has to go around to every residence and business that has a natural gas connection and turn it off at the main. After the gas lines have been pumped back up to where they should be, they have to go around to every house and re-light the pilot lights. This includes my furnace, hot-water heater, stove and dryer. This could take up to 2 days. And right now outside it's 37 degrees and inside it's 55 degrees. Luckily, I thought to quick wash my hair while the water was still warm.

Fun times!! Thankfully the gas people hadn't come to my house while it sat empty. I understand that if you're not home, they've been authorized to break into your house to do it. Not an expense I would want to deal with.

With the wind blowing so hard, it already blew off the back screen door. I don't even want to know how much that will cost to repair. :-(

But I'll be warm enough and my hair is clean and it could be worse. I could be one of those gas line folks going to over 5500 different people's houses tonight!
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So I just realized that I've lived in my house (the one that *I* own) longer than I've lived anywhere in my life. This is amazing to me because I did not grow up in a family that moved around a lot. I believe there was an apartment when I was a wee child but then the house on 33rd Ave was until I was 10 years old, the house we built until I launched about 9 years later, a few years away at college, a few more in an apartment after graduation and then my current house. I've been here 12 years. I find that just weird!

Gradeschool reported to me that he gave blood to have his type tested but now claims that the woman doing it, lost his sample and therefore, he will have to have it done again. I can't believe it. I did talk to a friend of mine who also knows him, turns out that his wife and my friend's mother were friends. This friend of mine is such a gossip, she's going to talk to her mom and get the scoop on this woman.
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During the summer, it gets a little slower (people finally have a life with good weather). We also change the schedule so there are fewer people and sometimes that means busy but today it's not.

Again, it was too busy to be able to stop at home on the way here...had to drive straight here. I hate that.

This weekend I've got to work the public library again and that's all I've got scheduled. Friends have a small swimming pool and they're going to be out of town so they gave me permission to go use their pool, I want to go skinny dipping in the moonlight! I'm not sure if I'm going Friday night or Saturday night. Who knows if I'll be going alone or have someone join me? Additionally, I'm probably going to do some more work in my house, my friend J is also planning on helping me replace my hotwater heater. Gotta love the handy people in your life!
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I sure loose interest easily...I'm ready to move on to something more challenging at my current job, I really like the people I work with(don't we always like the people we work with) but the commute and my other job and not having my darn nights free is getting to me. This is something I will continue to complain about until I find my permanent job, ARGH.

I'm also wanting to start doing somethings to my house(install 2nd bathroom, new flooring in the bathroom, kitchen and entryway) but not if I'm going to move in the next few years. I do want to clean out the whole thing...we'll see how far I get with that.

Catching up on sleep is important, I'm going to focus on getting enough.
I did get 8+ hours last night and I needed it but neglected doing laundry and cooking up some rice and beans for lunches. I really need a wife! Any takers? GRIN Although, I don't know that I'd want all that responsiblity, but I would like to share the burden with someone.


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