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So I just realized that I've lived in my house (the one that *I* own) longer than I've lived anywhere in my life. This is amazing to me because I did not grow up in a family that moved around a lot. I believe there was an apartment when I was a wee child but then the house on 33rd Ave was until I was 10 years old, the house we built until I launched about 9 years later, a few years away at college, a few more in an apartment after graduation and then my current house. I've been here 12 years. I find that just weird!

Gradeschool reported to me that he gave blood to have his type tested but now claims that the woman doing it, lost his sample and therefore, he will have to have it done again. I can't believe it. I did talk to a friend of mine who also knows him, turns out that his wife and my friend's mother were friends. This friend of mine is such a gossip, she's going to talk to her mom and get the scoop on this woman.
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working this morning but didn't get a break, which I don't mind cause it's only 4 hours...Last night my boy went was picked up by his Dad and taken to dinner and a movie. I don't remember the last time his Dad took him more than his every other weekend. I also had a chance to tell him about gradeschool. Gradeschool still hasn't taken any test, he's on the road a lot and recently (I felt that he's withheld or downplayed this)he's revealed that he's married. Not so honest in my book... I just wish that we could get this issue resolved and closed.

My dearest friend in the world came to my house last night as she has such wonderful organizing skills(and I have such crappy ones) and helped get my kitchen in order. She was going to help me in my office but even I got overwhelmed there. We had a conversation last weekend about my wish to get back on track in my life but my inability to do it or ask for help from someone. She really enjoys and does well at that and offered to help. I've got to LOVE her for that.

Her GF was also helping out another friend who needed to drive a couple of hours to pick up a motorcycle she purchased off of ebay, cheap. They drove it down on the back of her truck before getting to my house. This meant that they had to find a hill (and I provided a sturdy board) to get the bike out of the back of the truck. Then she had problems with a dead battery...this took lots of patience and the help of a jump from formerly mentioned truck. I hope they made it home okay, I finally got to bed around 2am.
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So the plan is that we fly out to Tacoma tomorrow night, but we're flying standby that makes me a little nervous...as I like to plan things ahead. I'd also really like to know how we're all going to be getting to University Place from the airport. I'm leaving it up to the universe. I'd like to hope this will work out but who knows.

Talked to A today, I came directly from one job from the other due to traffic..wasn't going to make it home in time for a swing by. Confirmed that he mowed the lawn like I asked and asked him if he wanted me to pick him up anything when I came home...he did want me to bring him quiznos. Ended the call by saying "I Love You" and he said it back. Let's hope that this adolescent stuff goes as quickly and as painlessly as possible!

Also decided to not pursue the money owed to me by my ex husband, I think right now it would only really negatively affect A. I trust that what comes around will go around. Also turns out that gradeschool knows the guy who owns the towing company where his vehicle (that was hit and totaled by an uninsured motorist) and he abandoned...now that gradeschool knows it, he will pass that info to his friend who will go after him for tow charges (and perhaps storage fees for at least a couple of years I think). I didn't realize he knew the owner, nor did I tell him to do that...he's doing that by his own choice, I'm just not telling him that he shouldn't.


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