Oct. 9th, 2005 01:33 pm
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So even though I had to work on Saturday, I really enjoyed the weekend. Yes, it was cold but I dressed warmly and liked cuddling with my tent partner. We went geocaching but only attempted 2 due to setting sun. P found one (and was so excited about it ! GRIN) and the other one was lost(?) There was some drama at the camp fire but I stayed mostly out of it. At one point, we came back to the tent to find it missing. It had mysteriously traveled over the bridge to a little island. Fortunately, it found it's way back with a little help from my friends. Although, it had been wrapped in plastic wrap and other minor silliness.

Now, I've got to unload the car, but I hate the box elder bugs and asian beatles that are guarding the door !

I also need to catch up on my sleep ! Friday, I think we got about 2 hours of sleep and then we were the last to go to bed on Saturday, and however long it took us to actually go to sleep...
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My church had a women's retreat, it was wonderful ! I totally enjoyed it and miss those wonderful church ladies ! (I haven't been to church yet this year so I only sorta feel bad). I did some more geocaching. I also really connected to some of the fears about the up coming surgeries for my sis and pop. They are my favorite people in my family, nothing better go wrong !

After I got home from the retreat, I had planned on taking it easy 'cause I had to work today (almost forgot!) Instead a friend came over, I forced her at gunpoint (just kidding) to listen to all my favorite music and then we went for a walk by the lake. Yeah, doesn't sound too exhausting does it...until you realize, I think she didn't arrive here until about midnight and left around 4am or so.

I am a sleepy grrl but made it through work and home off to dreamland I go !


Sep. 25th, 2005 07:12 pm
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A is having another adolescent fit, he ended up not coming with me to go geocaching like he promised. I hate when people (including your own family) don't follow through with what they say.

I left and found 3 caches, missed 2 micros(they are not my best caches). I dropped off a travel bug in one and I'm hoping it travels far. I had a good time even if I was by myself. I'd much rather be by myself than with someone who's being pissy.

When I was done, I picked up some yummy chinese food and ran a few more errands before I came home. I've been driving around with a book about Burning Man (from the library) for weeks and I finally broke down to start reading it. I'm not sure that I would have wanted to attend the early years, seems like there was too much stereotypical male energy there (shooting guns and blowing things up) This is not my thing and I love life and would want to continue to live it. I'll keep reading it, perhaps it's mellowed.


Sep. 18th, 2005 09:04 pm
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It was a pretty good weekend. Although, I am continually reminded about how I don't do big groups as well. It drains me. And, with so much happening, I want to be a part of all of it but can't maintain enough attention span to be present any one place, cause I keep moving. I end up suffering from "shiny penny" syndrome.

This weekend was lots of late nights, campfires, hot tubs and laughter. I found a couple of geocaches (more on this in a minute) with L who is a friend of mine's current gf. She has this voice that is kinda high pitched and almost winey but not always. It seemed that when she's more relaxed and comfortable it's not so bad. I would not have thought my friend K would be interested in this type of woman, but despite her voice (and my other friend's opinions) I really like her. She did make a comment on my "deep" voice, which I don't feel like my voice is especially deep but compared to hers, mine is. I think she could really benefit from some voice lessons (not the singing kind).

Met some new people. One of them is a woman that R works with and she reminds me of someone else I know. I think it's her sense of humor. There was also this woman that came half way through the weekend and english was her second language (she was chinese) and recently divorced from her husband of 10 years. Trying to figure out if she's gay and really feeling lost over this whole different community and etc. She obviously wanted to fit in and be accepted (don't we all). Which reminded me of another woman there, who I had met at the pride speed dating (same situation recently divorced and trying to figure out her sexual identity) it's so socially uncomfortable for me when they try and engage others but all I see are people who look away, laugh or ignore them. I guess it's my sensitive nature that really is very empathetic to others. Yeah, sometimes I hate that in me...but I can't help it. Or perhaps my observations are simply projections of my own fears/issues. Again, I have to say that sometimes I hate my continual anaylsis of social situations.

Geocaching was great! A and I are going to go next weekend, I've got a travel bug that I need to set free. At my first cache, I came across this really cool picture of a old bus that seems to be used as a hunting shack see behind the cut Read more... ) P another woman I met also talked about wanting to do it (why didn't I invite her to go sometime in the future? -- sometimes I'm so socially passive-I hate that) She seemed really interesting, just returned from a backpacking trip to Colorado (or Montana, don't remember which) but she had beautiful pictures. I'm tired. I probably got 10 hours of sleep the entire weekend. I'm so glad I don't have to work until 5pm tomorrow.


Sep. 12th, 2005 07:46 pm
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I finally was able to pick up a cheap GPS unit so that I could go geocaching. It's perfect since this weekend I'll be up north. I'm really excited, I hope I'll have time to learn all about it and find some locations so I can do it up there!

Wish me luck !


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