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[Error: unknown template qotd]I don't necessarily keep it a secret from anyone but I have removed people that I've known in real life. It was explained to me that this was their way of keeping in touch with me. I felt since it was one-sided, it was more of them being voyeuristic than "staying in touch with a friend".  This "friend" has gone on to unfriend me on FB too. Oh well, not that much of a friend....IMHO.

Apparently, I have a different definition of "friend". Thankfully, I've got some really dear friends who share my definition. Sadly, my partner has gotten caught in the crossfire of this conflict and I don't think she shares my same definition and is hurt by this change. I feel bad for her but I have better boundaries than to try and fix a conflict between her and others. It would be up to her to try to fix it, in her own way or not.

And I'm only a little bitter about it.


Jul. 1st, 2009 01:24 am
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We've been cleaning for a couple of days. My garbage and recycling cans are overflowing and it feels good.

There is still plenty to go but we'll get there. My dream is to be able to park my truck and the camper in the garage.

We did decide we're not going camping with the girls and Saturday we'll be doing the St. Paul Gangster cave tour and Sunday we'll be doing the segway tour along the Mississippi river in Minneapolis. We've been productive and will have fun on our staycation.

My back has had a crick in it and my arm has been sore. I'm happy to say I've got a chiropractor appointment tomorrow.

Teh boy drove in the dark for the first time tonight. He's finally getting a little more relaxed with driving. He's gonna have some friends over to play D & D tomorrow. We ran to the store to buy snacks. It's a little more difficult as one of his buddies is vegan.

life is definitely feeling better for me, thanks for all your support and kind words.
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Taxes are done and I'm getting a pretty good refund. I do have to pay the state. I had this last year. I could rectify some of this by having the withholding on one of the payouts of my Dad's inheritance checks but I'd still see a refund for at least as long as the boy is my dependent.

I stayed up WAY too late talking with my friend R. I miss her. I wish she would move back to MN.

Today is a long day at work, I'm getting there at 9am and will be there until after 7(I think I forget). I've got to teach(remember Monday, the instructor never showed up, she had her dates wrong).
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YEAH, it wasn't bad when I went home. The other librarian convinced me to go. I think he didn't realize that even though I live 30 miles from campus, I'm use to driving in all kinds of weather in my little car. I guess I was okay leaving anyways. I did take some work home. I also ran some errands on my way.

I'm glad I didn't have to go home during rush hour.

I stayed up entirely too late, watching stupid tv, downloading loads of pictures from my online account which is apparently on it's way out(expiring).

This weekend, we're going to Bob and Scooter's... I mean Dave and Buster's to get out of the house with friends. That's the only thing planned. I've got to start organizing stuff for my trip to Seattle in March for the conference.

Yeah, so nothing very exciting happening here....it's okay.

Last week

Jan. 12th, 2009 11:26 am
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Last week I met up with [livejournal.com profile] mplsindygirl for dinner at The Vegetarian.    It was really very lovely. I know sometimes I don't always like to go out before or afterwork when the weather is as it is....it's the homebody in me, work and then go home. I had a really lovely time. The restaurant was great, not too busy but it should! The food was great and we shared our meals and desserts too! If you're in the area and like vegan/vegetarian food you should check it out!

This weekend P and I went to her cousin's house to attend a family birthday and Sunday was our couples group. That was pretty much it, P doesn't have the energy to do much of anything these days and I'm okay with that. Next weekend we have a work friend's birthday party and Sunday she's gonna get together with our friends to do craft day. She really needs to take some time off of work and catch up on her life. At our couples' group we talked about finance and etc. We had some good conversations about taking our relationship to the next level financially wise anyways. I do have some concern since I feel a little vunerable about that but changing a bene on my life insurance isn't too bad. Teh boy would still be listed there for 75% of my life insurance.

One of these weekends soon we're going to go to the Art Shanty project with my Dad's partner and likely my sister, hopefully my son. My Dad would have loved it. Anyone who is familiar with this have any tips for us? Do we have to dress like we'll be outdoors the entire time?

Today is the first day of classes for the new semester. My second semester here. The other librarian is sick today. I've take one sick day so far and he's taken like um...4-5. He believes that they are like vacation days since we don't get them. I think I'll wait until I'm no longer a probationary employee to be so liberal with that.

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I'm going to try to do a quick post now that I'm back to work. I've got to get organized for the next semester.

Saturday was the annual gala that P and I have gone to for the last three years (minus the year when she was sick) it would have been four if she didn't get sick. The first year was just really wonderful. She wore a tux and was just so attractive. I wore this cute little black dress. She splurged for a really nice room at the hotel. We danced to almost every song, she had a beautiful smile on her face the entire time. It was like a dream.

This year we went despite our heavy hearts, we ate at Ichibans **and then went to the dance. We didn't dance as much as the first time but she still had that beautiful smile on her face. It just brought me right back to our first dance.  It was good to see everyone that I know and we even got free pictures from the photographer since I knew her.  That was great to see the photographer and her partner (she's pregnant and adorable!). Afterwards those that stayed over at the hotel went for brunch at Hell's Kitchen. It was a very cold walk for 4 blocks but my love went to get the car and picked me up.

** funny story about Ichiban's, Our group was 15 and they had to add a few extra chairs to seat us all at the same table. One of the folks taking our order asked us if anyone was celebrating a birthday or something and I impulsively said "we could if you want us to"  and he asked for my name.  At the end of the meal when he brought out ice cream, he also brought out a little sundae and then proceeded to sing "Happy Birthday" to me, which made me laugh until I was practically crying.
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I had comp time to take off Friday. It was the annual camp trip where P and I met. We were part of a small group that went up a little early. I'm glad we did, it's always so hard to get us going. We arrived after 9pm.  P didn't feel great through out the weekend but could nap as she needed. I got lots of social time in, met some really great and interesting women.  It was a good group of new and old friends, young and more "mature". P and I saw our next step up in a camper. It would be perfect for us, 22 mpg and all the luxuries but brand new it's pretty pricey. I did get sleep but I still feel tired, perhaps because it's just a little too much outside my normal routine. Tonight hopefully will be dinner with a friend. I've got to call her and see if she's still up for it.

Next weekend we're going to go camping again, to celebrate a friend's birthday. The forecast looks good! Cool nights and warm days.  Great sleeping weather in the camper! I hope to do some hiking and geocaching. I also need a weekend off with my honey.

Our anniversary is coming up next month, 3 years together. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else, don't even remember what it was like before her. I'll have to figure out how to celebrate it. I love spending my time with her, even if we don't do a thing.
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Teh boy started school today. I can't believe he's a junior in high school. When I got home from work today we ran to Target to pick up some school supplies and etc. He's okay with Target tennis shoes so I won't complain. I did end up buying him this brown leather zippered planner (which he will take out the planner part and insert his school planner). I think he just wants to have a zippered planner with little tablets for taking notes with). I enjoyed hearing about his classes.

This weekend was good, we camped out at our friend J's house along with 3 other couples and a handful of kids. P wasn't feeling so good after pushing herself too much the last couple of weeks at work so she slept in the last couple of mornings. We had good times with friends we haven't hung out with for a while. She did her watercolor painting and I assembled some peace signs that I'm going to send to family and etc to honor my Dad.

Monday we went to the state fair. I didn't think that we'd have lots of energy especially with as hot as it was. We volunteered with the Sesquincentenial booth for a few hours and then had some food (cheese curds, slice of pizza, ice cream, lemonade, corn dog) attended the Toby Keith concert. We had great seats, 5th row center. I just hated sitting next to the lady who sat too close to me (I tend to have big private space). We got some really fun pics. I'm not much of a Toby Keith fan but P chose to surprise me with a date night. I like it when she plans things for us.


On a sad note, her friend J (who lives in Iowa) lost her sister on Sunday. She had late stage brain cancer and lost the war. She was younger than P which makes me worry a little bit. J is also chronically sick with wegeners disease. P wanted to go down there but J didn't want her to do. I feel bad for P because she obviously cares deeply for J but she keeps everyone at arms length. I met J once when she came up here, she's a riot but I do get a sense of sadness about her.
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 Yikes, I can't believe it. My new job starts today. I think with Pride and everything happening, the time just got away from me. My cousin and sister worked on the cabin this last week, they got the drywall done. We also got the deadbolts working on the doors. I think steps have been made. My Dad's partner was out there too, she spoke of how it was difficult because she knows it's better than he could have ever of imagined. :::weep:::  My sisters, my Dad's partner and I have to get together to figure out the next steps for finishing the cabin. My sister has started to take on that and I'm SO grateful. It's just very overwhelming for me with the cabin. I want to do it perfect but I have never built anything before. At least she's much more familiar with the building process having been an executive director for Habitat for Humanity for over 5 years. 

I was talking to my friend R, she's back from Pittsburgh for 2 weeks, I hope I get to see her. She was talking about how she wanted to do a healing deal. She read about digging a hole and yelling into the earth but she felt strange about putting her pain into the earth. I immediately said that the earth is a mother and has always absorbed the pain and suffering of her children it's part of the way she cares for us. I really don't know where that came from, just came right out of my mouth. She said it brought tears to her eyes and to be honest, it brought them to me too. I don't know where that came from!

Yesterday I picked up the home movies that we had transfered to DVD. I watch 2 hours of them last night. They are out of chronilogical order but it was good to see. Poor P, I put her through watching all of that too.

Awww...got to go to work, see ya!


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 normally I hate those things that get forwarded to people....I have a friend that does that all the time. I love her dearly, we've been friends close to 30 years but I'd rather have an email that is something other than a forward. She sent me this which I really like.

THE RULES ****************

Rule One - You will receive a body.

.Rule Two - You will be presented with lessons.

Rule Three - There are no mistakes, only lessons.

Rule Four - The lesson is repeated until learned.

Rule Five - Learning does not end.

Rule Six - 'There' is no better than 'here.'

Rule Seven - Others are only mirrors of you.

Rule Eight - What you make of your life is up to you.

Rule Nine - Your answers lie inside you.

Rule Ten - You will forget all this at birth
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 It's been a good weekend. Saturday we went to camping world to check it out...we didn't find anything for our camper. We stopped at Best Buy and I picked up a new laptop. The one I had before had a problem with the display. If I wanted to use it as a desktop I could buy a monitor. If I could find a new display, I could repair it but we couldn't find one. It's really too bad that computers are now disposible. I did find a nice vaio which was a demo, $200 off. P said she'd buy me a nice laptop bag as a congrats on my new job. Saturday night we had dinner with some friends at the local german restaurant. P and I got the sampler platter, yummy. They brought P a prize, she was given Squawkers McCaw it's hilarious to play with. 

Sunday we had a great time visiting with friends at a BBQ. Nice gathering and good to see folks. Although there were comments that some of our friends felt that others weren't as close as we had been. I'm not sure what that is about...I enjoy everyone as individuals and if some folks are "pulling away" or whatever, that's okay. I just enjoy them when we have time for it. I brought a DQ cake to celebrate with the crew. I dropped P home and then I ran into town to pick up an order at REI and my computer (they had to re-do the hard drive). 

less than 4 weeks left of my "old" job. I'm looking forward to being done and after that we're going to disney world to celebrate P's birthday. Who knows what's going to happen after that. I'm looking forward to finding out when I start my new job. I do want to get going on dealing with my Dad's estate, finishing the bathrooms, organizing the house and etc.
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My weekend was very full and I want some time off. I suppose it didn't help that I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Friday we tried to lay low for most of the night. Saturday, we had company. I think P really loves being around kids for the holidays. She loves her arts and crafts and I've also been really enjoying her cooking lately. I can only cook okay but she does a great job with meat and etc (I usually cook the hell out of it because I'm afraid that it will be raw in the middle). She invited her friend N over and they worked on all sorts of stuff. I was running errands that I didn't think would take as long as they did. Of course, I'm always thinking I've got more time to do what I need to do. 

After all that was done, P laid down to rest before we went to see Sara Thomson in concert. I saw a number of folks that I was able to introduce them to Sara's music. It was fun to see. I was able to pre-order Sara's new cd. I'm very excited about that! I also saw my ex and her  his new girlfriend (she identifies as straight and therefore they present as a straight couple  or will present as straight once surgery is done). I'm excited that T(my ex) is graduating with a creative writing degree after many years of school) She started out as a history major and then switched to creative writing around the time we broke up. She had completed her classes and only needed to complete the capstone project to finish. She He is now thinking of doing a MFA degree. I'm hoping to attend his senior reading at a local writers spot. I hope to go and P decided against it. It's funny that P gets so weird around T. There's really nothing P should be jealous about, I cared about her but wasn't in love with T like I am with P. 

I also saw my dear friend D who I've know for close to 16 years. I always enjoy my time around her but she just never seems to have any time for me. She always talks a good talk about how she wants to get together and etc. but she never makes the effort. We talked about getting together for spring break 2005 but it never happened. She said I should call her for this winter break, and I'm like...yeah, sure but I know that it wouldn't likely happen. Her daughter just got engaged, she told me the story including the fact afterwards they got stoned and had great sex! Yikes!

Sunday we slept until 9 (which is really rather early for us!)  Up and I prepared for our couples group presentation. She worked on cleaning up more of the kitchen from the day before. She also worked downstairs in the basement some. At noon we left for our couples group and we weren't even the last couple to arrive! GRIN We have a tendancy of running late. Afterwards, we went to look at a little camper that we want to buy. It's adorable. We came home, P worked on laundry(which I must say was a little weird for me, granted it includes both our laundry but still strange) I worked on bills for my father's cabin and figuring out who owes whom what (between the last couple of weeks expenses for P and I)

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Remember how I told you that R was driving back to Pittsburgh in her dead grandmother's car? Yeah, I talked to her last night. She left on Monday and stopped in a rest stop for 5 hours to nap (to avoid paying for a motel room). She turned her car on to warm up for a bit and then turned it off without opening her eyes. She ended up going back to sleep and waking up to find a dead car. She left the lights on AGAIN! 

At least she was in the car and hadn't locked herself out. She paid some guy $20 to jump her.

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 Ugh, things have been too busy lately. Friday I was very happy to go have dinner with friends. I enjoy the restaurant and friends are always great!. Saturday the boy went to an orientation to the arts high school in this state. His father actually showed up to join us. P let me drive her car to keep us safe in the first measurable snowfall. I brought home lunch and then proceeded to take a nap. I meant to only sleep an hour and P was going to wake me up but she fell asleep too. 

Sunday I woke up and spent too much time shoveling the driveway. The boy helped but he kept trying to get out of it. It was a lot of work because my driveway is so wide. He even took the shovel I was using when I put it down. He's old enough and should be strong enough to work at least as much as I do, but he didn't. Of course, Sunday night my arms were ACHING from the work. I had to take some advil to get rid of the pain so I could sleep.

That night, we had dinner with R from Pittsburgh, she was in town because her Grandma died. It was a good dinner at the Caspian Bistro which is just like this restaurant but in MN of course! After that, P went to work and drove L(R2's gf back home because she has finals) R, R2 and I went to Dunn Bros. down the street. This is where everything got worse! R was driving her dead grandmothers car. She couldn't figure out how to turn off her headlights so she just left them on while we went in. She figured it would be fine for a half hour. We went in, had our warm drinks and then when we went to leave. She realized her lights were dimming. She went to unlock the car but only had the electronic lock thingy and it didn't have enough power to unlock it. This meant that it slowly dimmed until it went out as she tried to figure out what to do. Dunn Bros. closes at 10pm. She doesn't have an auto service and lucky for her, I do and had a few weeks where my old one and my new one crossed over. We needed both a lock out AND a jump. The guy got there about 9:45 and had some trouble popping the lock on her car. It took like 45 minutes+ before it was popped. The coffee shop had closed and kicked us out. R was in sucyh a rush to leave Pittsburgh she neglected to bring a winter coat! She was standing in a t-shirt and a hoodie in weather that was 10 degrees! Thankfully there were lofts right there that had a heated entrance where we waited while the guy worked his magic. R2 waited in my car, I'm sure he was frusturated. I was HUGELY frusturated but what could I do.  R was just as mad at everything herself but mostly kept it together. The car had some trouble being jumped and that took a while too. After the car was running, we sat in the parking lot waiting for the guy to leave because I was sitting in her car since I was the passenger autoclub card holder. I was afraid that he'd report this and I'd loose my membership. After about 15 minutes, I realized that it was my "old" membership and if I did get a bill, I'd just send it to her. I didn't start to leave until 11pm. It takes an hour to get home, it was Sunday night and I had needed to do laundry before Monday. She was going to drive her grandma's car back to Pittsburgh and I meant to call her to see how she's doing but so far I'm too frusturated to care yet. 

Today, it's snowing some more. I got some laundry done, changed the sheets on my bed FINALLY. I also updated my ipod with new episodes of "The Story" and "This American Life"

Work is boring, I've got to teach tomorrow and I've got a list of things to do. 

Yeah, there's another job I'm going to apply for, I would LOVE have it. It would be perfect, close enough to home and PERMANENT.
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I had a good weekend. We made it to church despite the bonfire that went until 2am. We never did do the intervention we planned. She seemed better for some reason. Although in the cover of the darkness, we did switch her beers for O'Dooles, she never noticed but did go to bed early.

We even went to the early service at church. My Dad's partner was there, it was good to see her. One of the musicians was a young man who my son knew at one time, he's phenomenally talented and my Dad would have loved to hear him play.

I'm really tired today and can't wait until I make it home. I hope to sleep in tomorrow. I've got a headache right now and just took something. I'm listening to the last Harry Potter book on tape.

The weather is so dreary which kinda matches my mood and I don't want to be here.

I got the new lawnmower working. I also finally "fixed" the burnt-out headlight in the red car, turns out the bulb just fell out of the headlight. I just need to clean it out and change the oil for the boy to start practicing driving again. I also want to fix the "stuck" door.

Okay, I better go start working on the ST-200 work. The appointment with him is in 5 minutes.

My weekend

Oct. 8th, 2007 12:04 pm
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P came home early on Friday morning. It made it very hard to go to work. I think I'm finally coming back to my regular life slowly but surely. P says I've been gone, I say I've been grieving. Obviously, it's all new to us on how we grieve together. I know I definately do go inward when I'm not taking care of other people. I don't even know what I need really....  I'm a talking she's not so much. I know that she's been trying to be there for me, helping me out in ways. I need to watch for them to recognize it since she doesn't say anything. Sometimes in my grief, I'm oblivious or don't recognize her efforts, I think it's important to recognize people's efforts. Last weekend, she stocked my freezer. 

This weekend she wasn't feeling well on Friday when I came home from work. I let her sleep, she needed it. The boy and I cooked dinner, hoping she'd wake up but okay if she didn't. The boy talks about how he doesn't know how to cook despite having taken years of home ec. I finally said that we could cook together, I figure it would be good for us to have some time together. We made baked pork chops with stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. I think it gave him some confidence in cooking. Hopefully we'll keep it up. The boy went to sleep and P woke up just as I was going to go to bed early. We ended up running to the store that must not be named walmart. It's what's open 24 hours a day in my area. She needed her coke. She ended up spending quite a bit of money, including an automatic catbox and two collars for the cats (Jinx already took his off and it's missing). She bought the cat box to try and make my life easier. She stayed up and I went to bed after the store. She wants to clean up the basement so that we can do crafts with our friends. I think it would be fun but cleaning the basement is just not one of my priorities. 

When I woke up on Saturday, after a slow start we first picked up a new lawnmower (the old one is finally dying) went to Bob and Scooters,  I mean, Dave and Busters.  She wanted to do this in support of finding things to do with the boy that he would enjoy. We ended up staying there a couple of hours and had a good time. The boy said it was better than Space Aliens  Food was pretty good. We ran into friends on the way out. At home, P wasn't feeling well and laid down. We were going to go to games night with friends but with P not feeling well, I was okay staying home. 

Sunday the plan was to go to church (early service because going to the late one runs the risk for P to run into T which makes her uncomfortable). I love going to church with her. We stopped to look at a camper (16 ft scamp) for sale before I dropped her off and I went to coffee. While driving to church we talked about our friend B who has a drinking problem. I think it's time for us to sit her down and tell her how much we're concerned about her.

After I got home, P was ready for a nap, I snuggled her down. very nice! The boy and I made fake frappicinos, dinner and then laundry. P left for work but we had a very good weekend. Good conversation with the boy, he's interested in going to same high school as [personal profile] anterastilis, I'll have to ask her about it.
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 What a week, between work, dad's estate stuff (stoopid attorneys), life and etc. I'm just exhausted.  I'm starting to have to write everything down and keep track of it in my palm (thanks to P! It really helps) I have some social things that I want to do in the month of October - including my 20 year high school reunion! 

Yesterday I had to drive 70 miles one way to go sign some paperwork so that I can be offically appointed executor in the eyes of the court and back again to work. Can you say PAIN in the BUTT? I did finally make an appointment with my Dad's financial planner to go over my share of his retirement, it's on 10/9. 

When I drove home, I stopped at my sisters to pick up the paperwork for the application for new service to install electricity to my Dad's cabin. We talked and I enjoyed it, had to get home to the boy. We talked and I enjoyed it and then I called my Dad's partner, I hadn't talked to her in a while. She's not doing well, I'm trying to not be intrusive but wanting to make sure she doesn't get lost inside. Her nephew is probably going to have to drop out of school for a year at least (hopefully no permanent damaged has been done). It's just so horrible.

I'm finally getting ready to go to bed, read a little bit finished "The Day My Dad Died: Women Share their Stories of Love, Loss and Grief" and I was just about to go to sleep when B called. She wasn't in a good spot. I really enjoy B despite the fact she adamantly denies she's an alcoholic. Her and J were fighting and J finally put her foot down. Everyone feels bad for J because we all know that we couldn't handle B as much as we love her. As I do love her, I want her to be safe so I asked her what she needed to be safe. She said she needed to go to her car and than to J's. She wasn't in any shape to drive in my opinion but I'm sure she's driven in worse shape. I told her I'd come pick her up and take her when she needed to go (even if she was locked out, she could crash at my house). We eventually got to J's house and I think she changed the locks, B knocked on the window and J woke up and they had a "discussion" because I promised to stay to make sure B was okay with staying there, I had to wait. No one likes to argue in front of anyone, we've all been there likely so I felt bad that I was listening there. Eventually B said that I could go, I wanted to make sure J knew that I loved her too. Hugged J (who is normally pretty good at keeping those bootstraps up, held me tight and cried hard on my shoulders). I let them know that I loved them both and hoped they could work through what they needed to. I think I was home by 1:15am, before I had to be up by 6am but I couldn't settle down until almost 2am. 

Perhaps, that's why I'm not very productive today.

I did give P the heads up and let her know that I won't be very good packing for our camping weekend when I get home from work. She was great about that.
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The plan was to go to WI with friends. I had hoped that we would be able to get going earlier than usual. R was going with and he had an accupuncture appointment that he didn't get out of until 3:30. I also had to take my chronic sneezing cat to the vet again (they're running bloodwork now). I didn't get to P's until about 4pm, she was still sleeping and not yet packed. I did talk about going early and cuddling her, apparently she was REALLY disappointed that I didn't. She held it against me the WHOLE weekend and added to it. 

I think we both had a hard time coming back and being apart after 2 weeks together, just the two of us.

Other than that, the weekend was good to catch up with great friends. We even went out on the pontoon. J and B are thinking of buying the cabin so everyone was doing the dreaming for them.

P was mad at me all the way back and we finally had a blow out when we got home. I was heading home until she asked me to turn around. I did and then sat at the end of the block until we talked it out enough. I didn't get home until one o'clock in the morning. She then came to me after work. She's going to be tired. I know she's getting SO frusturated with being tired all the time.

I had to get up for a dental appointment and now I'm home again. Now I get to go cuddle with her like we talked about before.


Jun. 24th, 2007 11:59 pm
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It went too fast, Friday night I went into town to go to the Trans march, unfortunately R and I never found it. It was so frusturating. I know that he really wanted to go, so did I. I think I needed to do some better research with the address but I've never heard of Gold Medal park. We did decide to go have dinner and head to the after march party and stayed there for a couple of hours. We met up with my friend R who disappeared after a while, we discovered after we were ready to leave. She lived a few blocks away so we stopped by there and visited for a while before we went home. It sure got late! I think it was sometime after 2am when we left. By the time I got to P's house, I decided that I would call the boy and let him know we'd get there in the morning. 

Well Saturday, we slept in and the day was almost over by the time we got back to the country house. We had picked up some greek food and were going to play video games and then have a bonfire for the evening activies. After P wanted to do a Best Buy run, the boy came home with a new video game about zombies. Another late night despite knowing we were going to get up early to meet up with P's friend for the Pride parade. We started in the shade but as the morning went on, we were in the sun. So hot! I've kinda missed the parade for the last couple of years, you've seen one, you've seen them all. This was a little smaller than I remember them being...   We were at the begining of the parade, we had to walk for a number of blocks to get to where we were meeting P's friend. It was pretty packed by the time we got there. Because we usually run late and unprepared, we forgot our chairs (which was fine because there wasn't room anyway), P was sitting on the curb and at one point when she stood up, I realized she had sat in gum. YUCK! I though she had split the jeans because the gum was in the seam. It was very strange, thankfully she brought shorts which she quickly changed into. After the parade, we walked to the park(beat the parade to it) and sat on the benches in the shade watching the crowd come into the park. We saw all sorts, people of all ages, of all types in all sorts of configurations, couples wearing matching clothes, dogs of all breeds, drag queens, leather folks and etc. I wanted to find the booth I was volunteering at before my time so we got up and walked in, ran into B and J and visited with them for a bit, J and R showed up with their son (so cute!) and then found my booth with about 10 minutes to spare. P was too peopled out so she found some more shade under a tree while I did my time. R met up with some friends in the beer garden. 10 minutes past the end of my shift and I was ready to go. I'm enjoying crowds less and less, didn't even really want to walk around to see what I could see, who was there or any shopping.

Walk back to the car, get some food and bring R back home. P and I had some alone time which seems to come so rarely these days and then I left so she could sleep for a few minutes before she had to go to work. UGH for her. I'm ready to crash for my last week of work before we leave for vacation on Saturday morning.

As of this point, I'm probably coming home to no job. I didn't hear from the one place that I interviewed with the Friday before last who said they'd tell me by the next week so hopefully I'll hear something soon, and NOT a letter. I'm sure I'll post more about that soon. Now I need to go to bed!


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