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Today was teh boy's drivers license test. He started this so long ago...I think he was 14 when he first started taking the classroom training. I remember thinking he was just too young. He was probably on the right path for getting it at your typical age of 16 when my Dad was killed by a truck. He has never said that it affected his desire to drive but I know that I was pretty worthless about trying to get him to practice for a year after my Dad's death. I don't know how it couldn't have affected him.  I did think it was important that if I had paid for the classroom and behind the wheel hours he should at least finish them and he did just about 2 1/2 months short of when it wouldn't have mattered legally if he had done the classroom training and behind the wheel hours or not.

He is a very careful driver and only received 8 points off of up to 20 points off which would still be passing. I was so happy for him. I could hardly believe it. It's been a long road and even if his Dad said he'd help teach him to drive, as usual...it was me. I think his Dad took him driving at least once maybe twice but that was it. He was too afraid something would happen to his car (you know the one that is really in my name!)

Do you remember when you first got your license? The sense of freedom you felt because you could finally go longer distances without a parent around? (At least those of you who didn't already have access to public transportation). I was so excited to take my first drive ALONE. Well, we finished his test and he talked about going to surprise his Dad with a treat or something...but his Dad later told him that he "....didn't like surprises" ??!!?!   He ended up coming home and that was it.

We did call up his Aunt (my sis) who works in the building where he finished the paperwork for his license and she was pretty giddy. I also happily posted it on FB which annoyed him.

I'm also excited because he can now drive himself to school if I happen to need to do something after work. We just have to figure out which vehicle he would take.

My mother also might have an offer on her house. If that's the case, she plans on giving teh boy her second car for his high school graduation. The funny thing is that we realized the car is actually older than he is!
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I've been so busy lately. This weekend was a wedding in Rochester and then a quickly planned BBQ at the city house. I drove the truck and got 27mpg. Today was the first day of school. Tomorrow I will have an instruction session in the nursing department.

My son had his open house for school. He starts next Tuesday.

We also went over to his Dad's house. He's moving from a one bedroom to a studio apartment. He has to downsize but doesn't really know how to do it besides throwing things away. We ended up picking through the stuff. Teh boy wants to try and sell stuff to make some money. There's some decent stuff there, two wooden stools, telephone, aquarium and etc. Teh boy already sold a fish net to the neighbor. We're going to keep a couple of things too like the blow up aerobed and etc.

I'm thinking I might try to go to ACRL in March. We can apply for professional development funds and I think it would benefit the library. It's also in Seattle which would be fun. I bet I could do it without much out of pocket.

Okay, I'm gonna go to bed now.

Tomorrow is my little sister's birthday.
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My weekend was very full and I want some time off. I suppose it didn't help that I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Friday we tried to lay low for most of the night. Saturday, we had company. I think P really loves being around kids for the holidays. She loves her arts and crafts and I've also been really enjoying her cooking lately. I can only cook okay but she does a great job with meat and etc (I usually cook the hell out of it because I'm afraid that it will be raw in the middle). She invited her friend N over and they worked on all sorts of stuff. I was running errands that I didn't think would take as long as they did. Of course, I'm always thinking I've got more time to do what I need to do. 

After all that was done, P laid down to rest before we went to see Sara Thomson in concert. I saw a number of folks that I was able to introduce them to Sara's music. It was fun to see. I was able to pre-order Sara's new cd. I'm very excited about that! I also saw my ex and her  his new girlfriend (she identifies as straight and therefore they present as a straight couple  or will present as straight once surgery is done). I'm excited that T(my ex) is graduating with a creative writing degree after many years of school) She started out as a history major and then switched to creative writing around the time we broke up. She had completed her classes and only needed to complete the capstone project to finish. She He is now thinking of doing a MFA degree. I'm hoping to attend his senior reading at a local writers spot. I hope to go and P decided against it. It's funny that P gets so weird around T. There's really nothing P should be jealous about, I cared about her but wasn't in love with T like I am with P. 

I also saw my dear friend D who I've know for close to 16 years. I always enjoy my time around her but she just never seems to have any time for me. She always talks a good talk about how she wants to get together and etc. but she never makes the effort. We talked about getting together for spring break 2005 but it never happened. She said I should call her for this winter break, and I'm like...yeah, sure but I know that it wouldn't likely happen. Her daughter just got engaged, she told me the story including the fact afterwards they got stoned and had great sex! Yikes!

Sunday we slept until 9 (which is really rather early for us!)  Up and I prepared for our couples group presentation. She worked on cleaning up more of the kitchen from the day before. She also worked downstairs in the basement some. At noon we left for our couples group and we weren't even the last couple to arrive! GRIN We have a tendancy of running late. Afterwards, we went to look at a little camper that we want to buy. It's adorable. We came home, P worked on laundry(which I must say was a little weird for me, granted it includes both our laundry but still strange) I worked on bills for my father's cabin and figuring out who owes whom what (between the last couple of weeks expenses for P and I)


Oct. 8th, 2005 01:23 pm
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So of all of my ex's, I can converse with them all except one. She refuses to speak to me....I don't know why. I'm mostly okay with it because I believe she's got some mental health issues, on one of my last encounters with her, I ended up calling 911 to have the local law enforcement remove her because she wouldn't stop ringing my doorbell. The part that I'm not okay, is that I worry about her two daughters who I've witnessed her be borderline abusive with. I have probably seen her less than a half a dozen times since...over 6-7 years. In the last few years, I know that she was sporting a rainbow mickey mouse head on her truck (at least she's finally resolved her religious thing with being gay). I also think I saw her at Pride this year, she was looking at me, but I avoided her gaze.

So I give you all this background because of all people I run see at the library...she's there. With a couple of unidentified girls...not her girls. I've worked here 2 1/2+ years and I know that she knows that I work here...

Yeah, I was surprised to have my heart beating so fast. UGH !


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