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I did convince P to vote, she hasn't done it in like twenty years! Check out this weird pic!
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Last night I got caught up watching PBS, they were airing a number of 9/11 documentaries. I couldn't turn it off. I stayed up way too late. Feeling blue and grateful for my life. Not getting enough sleep doesn't help one's outlook on life.

Tonight is a primary election and I'm trying to figure out who to vote for but the league of women voter's website is probably flooded at the moment with everyone else doing the same thing. UGH
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Surgery for my Dad and sis is in one week. I'm nervous about that, I'm taking the day off for it. I'll be helping take care of my sister as she recovers in Iowa. Of course, I've got to get over my cold otherwise it wouldn't be very good for either of them. Any suggestions for getting healthier other than vit c, cough drops, lots of fluid, sleep and echinacea. I've gone from stuffed up to coughing so I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Tonight should be cough syrup with codine for me and sleep. Although, I do have to get an absentee ballot for election night. I've also got to get some laundry done or A will be going to school in his underware!

Yesterday my son's 3-5th grade teacher came in. Apparently A had written her a letter for an assignment. I'm not sure exactly what he wrote to her but she said that it made her cry. She also said that he's "brilliant" and I said sure (along the lines of Garrison Kellior where all the kids are "above average") she insisted that she really thought that he was. Oh my...not sure to believe her, this coming from the woman who also thought he might have ADD.


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