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I dreamt that I was going to a show and the main act didn't have their singer. Apparently I had sang a few songs with them before and so they asked me to fill in. Strange this is not something I would do in RL. They also had some outfits that I could wear that would make me look a little more rockstar. They were short fluffy skirts  like found here. I think I ended up wearing two of them. The interesting thing was I wasn't sure that they size they had was going to fit...turns out that it did, it was a size 12.  The whole dream was more about preparing more than the actually singing. I wasn't so worried about the singing on stage as being prepared and looking the part. The other guys in the band had these really cool colorful blazers on and I wanted to make sure that people couldn't tell I was a fill in for the show.

Apparently I thought I was cute enough, skinny enough and could sing well enough to pull this off.

Looking back it was a bit like what I remember doing when I was a kid, dressing up in front of the mirror and singing to my records(and yes, they were records back then!)

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 Okay...so seems like a bunch of things have happened, P's dad thought he was having some kidney problems thankfully its just two cracked ribs from his fall. Last night I had to go to a meeting with the boy as he's going to Europe in June and they are having some planning meetings. It's pretty uplifting to see him excited about something like this.

On other bad news, I am no longer being considered for one of the positions I applied for, it's the one I had the telephone interview for. FINE, I didn't want to work there anyways! Who cares if I never get another stupid job in a stupid library again! Who cares if I wasted 18K+ on a stupid degree that I won't ever get to use. piss off everybody...

Sounds like I'm angry but really I'm not, I'm really feeling more apathic than anything.

I did realize what I want though...

I want to go to a motel for the weekend, one that won't have too many people at it. I want to swim in the pool, relax in the sauna and soak in the hot tub. I want fresh healthy food brought to me and lotion for my dry dry skin. Maybe read, watch a movie, cuddle with my sweetie, sleep in and then I want to come home to my bathroom repaired and I don't care what it will look like (tile or surround).
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 So the boy woke me up this morning, I'm still trying to take advantage of not working. He called me to tell me he was going to stay after school to work on his photography. I love that he does that. He woke me up from a dream.

I think I was still working where I do now but for some reasons I was staying over at a campground instead of going home. When I would come home from work my campsite would always be a mess so I kept moving it. This happened a few times and on the last time I remember looking up and seeing all this stuff (mine and others) up in the trees. When I saw this, I knew that it wasn't malicious but only mischevious that the sites were being messed up. 

I went home and the boy was living there alone. (I guess I thought this was okay). Additionally, I don't know how this came to be but a bunch of teenagers were also living there in hiding. I think I got this idea from the story about the people that built a small apartment in a mall. There were kids that seemed to range from like 3-16 years of age. I wasn't so mad that they were living in my house but that they weren't cleaning up after themselves. I also wanted them to hear my story of why I wasn't home consistently and etc. I think I was in the middle of telling them my story when the boy woke me up to reality with his phone call.
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I had a dream last night that I went to a job interview. For some reason, I brought my clothes but hadn't put them on yet. I went to the interview location and must have told them I was there, they had a big room of people that they were introducing me to but I had to quick go into the restroom to change. I was apparently going to wear a dress with a blazer but unfortunately, I neglected to try the clothes on before I left the house. The dress was very short, as in about 6 inches above my knee (hey, I'm short, that's a lot for me!). I felt really bad and embarassed but had to act like nothing was wrong. How weird is that...
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Last night I dreamt that my exhusband bought me some kitchen appliances for Christmas. He purchased a used gas stove for me which had two levels to it. I orginally thought it was two different stoves but it was just one. One side was at a higher level than the other side so it appeared to be two side by side. He also picked me up a avacado green refrigerator and wait....what's that? Another used refrigrator. Both refrigerators are older than the one I had, which is gone. The stove, hard to tell if it's older than the one I have (I've got a montgomgery wards stove ~ which I thought was out of business...but it's not see http://www.wards.com/wards/default.asp ) It was weird, considering that P bought me the dishwasher for christmas...I wonder what it means.
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I want to take a trip during my time off (3 weeks after Christmas) but my son goes back to school on Jan 3. Still...I could see if my sister would take care of him while I'm gone. I wonder where I would go cheap...
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I woke up this morning from a dream. I was suppose to be leaving work to go home to my sweetie but another faculty member came in my office and had to keep talking to them. I also remember that they were pitying me because it appeared that I was living in my office. I had a blanket to sleep with, how strange was that?


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