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I believe my friend [livejournal.com profile] mplsindygirl  posted this, I didn't watch it immediately I figured when I did I would have to sit on it a bit...and even though I did watch it, I'm still going to have to sit with it and mull it before I've got my thoughts on it. For those deep thinkers that may watch it, I'm interested in your thoughts...  I hope to have coffee with [livejournal.com profile] mplsindygirl before too long and we can talk about this.
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I knew who Mary Daly is but I will admit that I never read her stuff (although I think I've got at least one of her books on my bookshelf).  RIP I have very mixed feelings about how easily it is for some celebrity's passing to be noticed but not someone like Mary, perhaps I'm getting old.
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Girlyman   will be at the Fine Line on Thursday night. I'm going to try and go. It may be the last hurrah with my friend R who is planning a move to Pittsburgh. Yes, R, R and L (Me).

We'd also go with R who is P's son. I really enjoy him. I've known him almost as long as I've known P. She introduced me to him when we went to see Brokeback Mountain (was that New Year's?) sometime around that time of year. R was born female and transitioned about 5 years ago (?) I've only known him as R. Apparently, P had some difficulty with it but I don't and she seems to be doing better with it since I don't have a problem with it. I've got a lot of trans folks in my life. A former gf is in the process, neighbor who is mtf and a few more folks that I know to lesser degrees. I guess I don't see what the big issue is for people who appear to be afraid think there is something wrong with it. I think gender and sexual orientation can be very fluid for some folks. My sexual orientation is more fluid, my gender while definately female is closer to the androgynous end versus the very femmine end(of course, for me, it also really depends on my mood, clothing and etc) GRIN

I actually really feel a kinship with the people that tend to not fit neatly in any dualistic categories. I don't fit perfectly and never have. I use to hate it when I was growing up because I felt like I didn't know who I was, too chameleon like.  I've come to realize, accept and really value the fact that I very often am intune with both sides of my personality (introvert who loves people and etc) I like the people who are on the outskirts and don't fit in, perhaps because of the sense of disregard from the masses of these folks, there is freedom to really be who they are. 

Interestingly enough, the book that my Dad last talked about before he died titled Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal where the author drove around the country in a (get ready for this) a "Short Bus" (you know the kind the little yellow school buses) talking to people who because of some sense of "otherness" lived very different (and not so different) lives. This included "Cookie" who is a transgendered lobster fisherman person  in Maine.
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I went to work with P last night, we worked 8 1/2 hours, well...I didn't really work (but I did help her fix a formula in her excel spreadsheet!). I messed around on the computer and etc. She was very busy. It's so fun to watch her work, she's so talented. She handles the mechanical aspects of a multimillion dollar digital press AND handles managing the files including color correction. It's very cool.

We got home and I read to her a little bit before we fell asleep about 9am. At 11:30 a friend of mine called and we met up to pass on some brochures for an annual event (the one where P and I met). I visited with them a little bit, it was good to catch up with them.

After that, I had plans to meet up with my friend R. She had moved a few months ago and I've only just now got to see her new place. She's going through a lot of changes and sounds like she'll be leaving the state this fall. She needed to go to a print shop to print her art that she's going to submit for the Pride Art show but she couldn't get it done right so P's going to do it tonight. After that fiasco, we went to a local coffee shop near her house, had some lunch and talked until we closed the place down. Her and I LOVE to analyze all sorts of stuff. Some of our conversation was about what we think the definition of "adult" is, and are we one or are we just acting on what we think it should be...we did the same with "woman". We even saw a couple of young girls (they were maybe 10) they had freshly combed hair, wearing  short skirts and carrying purses. They stopped to check themselves in their compact mirrors before walking away from the coffee shop. Do you remember being a little kid and exploring what it was like to act all grown up?

While we were there, we both had black bean burritos that were very good but HUGE. I couldn't eat all of mine so I threw it away before we stepped outside to watch the people going by and continue our conversation. A couple of young women rode up on bicycles, you know they type...looking a little rough around the edges, funky hair and clothes from ragstock(thrift shops with retro t-shirts and etc for you folks unfamiliar) or some such place. We first noticed the one (in a short boy hair cut) who discreetly pulled a half eated muffin from the trash, later opened up a dented can of beans. The other one (with funky pigtails) had gone in and gotten a beverage and a whole muffin. Later the other one (boy hair cut) returned with a beverage and something covered in napkins, later to be revealed as my unfinished part of my burrito. They both ate some of the beans. I don't know if they scavanged because they couldn't afford to eat or that's just what they did. I wanted to talk to them to find out what their story was. I of course couldn't bring myself to ask but I'm curious. I'm sure I appear very middle class, maybe not so suburban but pretty close, it didn't help that I was driving P's car (2007 Nissan Murano - yeah, very nice!). I'm a curious girl, I like to know how other people live but I'm sure they don't want to tell me, not my business (or at least this is what goes through my head).

Tonight it's more work with P and it's where I'm writing this. I hope we don't work too late. Afterwards, home to sleep (at the city house) before we get up to go to our couples group. After that I'll probably head home (to the country house) where I'll get ready for the work week, pick up a few groceries and try to go to bed early myself. P will stay at the city house and sleep before she has to go to work again. She really didn't get a weekend at all. I got a few things done and time with her.


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