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Just updated my librarything website with all the ebooks I've read since I've been at the townhouse. I closed at the end of July and I've read 21 books. I only counted the ones that I actually read versus listened to...
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Before I make myself go to bed, I just finished this book, lent to me by a friend. I read it in less than 24 hours. I didn't realize until afterwards it was a memoir, reminds me of this book or this one.  If you've read any of these, let me know what you thought.
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I'm sitting here waiting for the time to go by. I had too much time on my hands today...or my mind is going hundreds of miles a minute. I did my bills, worked on some laundry and read a book.

"Expecting Teryk : an exceptional path to parenthood" by Dawn Prince-Hughes was at my public library when I went to work last night. I really enjoyed her other book "Songs for a Gorilla Nation". "Expecting Teryk" is about the son she had with her partner. It's very personal but I really enjoyed it. Her writing is amazing in my opinion. I truly enjoyed her very personal and intimate thoughts with regards to the conception and birth of her son. It brought me to tears. Part of me wanted to savor the book and the other part of me wanted to finish it. The part that wanted me to finish it won.

I think that added to my emotional state today...I know that when I have too much time on my hands I tend to think a lot, analyze a lot and thing really big thoughts (both good and bad ones). I think I've got to reign my thoughts back in...they are hugely romantic and likely unrealistic.

I talked to my Dad and he seems to be doing okay but both him and his partner are very tired lately. She's going to be going to visit her family for Thanksgiving so I'll likely be spending the day with my Dad. The rest of my family is going to Iowa to visit my sister and A has decided the drive is too long. I'm okay with that, I agree that it's a long drive and I really don't want to share a motel room with my sister and mother. I really don't like to be in tight spaces with either of them. My sister can be fun but when she's anxious, she's a bitch. My mother on the other hand, acts like everything is fine but can be really crazy (if you remember that post in Aug 05 about her feeling like we were "kicking her out of the family").


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